Medical Students

The AMA NT recognizes that medical students are our future. 

Medical Students

The AMA NT recognizes that medical students are our future. The AMA NT provides a Student Grant and sponsors an NTMP yearly award.

Membership to the AMA NT is free for students and we offer a wide range of resources to assist with your career choices.


Career Services

AMA Northern Territory has partnered with AMA Victoria to provide a variety of career services currently unavailable in the Territory.

Resume Check-Up Service

30 minute student resume consultation - $99 + GST and can be booked online here

1-Hour Career Coaching Consult

Consult $140 + GST and can be booked online here

Cover Letter Review 

30 minutes cover letter review session - $99 + GST and can be booked online here

Interview Preparation and Practice Program

$360 + GST and can be booked online here

Coaching - Career Planning, Professionalism and choosing a Specialty Pathway

The team at AMA Victoria contains internationally accredited executive coaches who work with doctors and students exploring medical career pathways and identifying and working towards academic or professional goals. This can be done during a 1-hour coaching session or over the course of various targeted coaching programs.  we also work with doctors and students who are wrestling with the idea that perhaps a career in medicine is not the best option for them. More information about these programs can be found on their website or specific queries can be directed to 

Career Education

AMA Victoria deliver a variety of professional development and career events to different student cohorts each year. These are designed to target where they are at currently in their academic journey through medicine. They also deliver presentations / webinars on the application process for internship and generally on preparing for interview and developing your own personal brand. 

Examples of what they have delivered previously are:

  1. 'The medical system & me' - 1st / 2nd Year Medical Students
  2. 'Choosing a specialty pathway' -  Final Year Students
  3. 'Writing a Standout Resume - Internship and Beyond' - All Students

The Professional Development and Careers team at AMA Victoria also delivers presentations which are relevant to bot students and junior doctors such as:

  1. Professionalism 101: Building a positive brand and reputation at work
  2. Writing resumes and cover letters
  3. Creating impact and interviewing well

We will keep you updated as to when presentations will commence in 2022.


AMA Victoria also presents on Wellbeing issues regularly to doctors and students with guest speakers and panels.

Student Placement Grant

Applications have now closed for the 2023 Grant


The 2023 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was awarded to Ms Madison Ludwig. Ms Ludwig chose Nhulunbuy for her placement.

Ms Ludwig’s report is attached here.

The 2022 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was awarded to Ms Janelle Wong. Ms Wong chose Alice Springs for her placement.

Ms Wong's report is attached here.

The 2021 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was awarded to Ms Anna Walmsley. Ms Walmsley chose Ramingining for her placement.

Ms Walmsley's report is attached here.

The 2020 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was awarded to Ms Claire O'Bryan. Ms O'Bryan chose Nhulunbuy for her placement.

Ms O'Bryan's report is attached here.

The 2019 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was awarded to Mr Stephen Shaw. Mr Shaw chose Alice Springs for his placement.

Mr Shaw's report is attached here.

2018 AMA NT Student Placement Grant

Unfortunately we received no applications for 2018.

The 2017 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was awarded to Ms Kimberley Lipszyc. Ms Lispzyc chose Nhulunbuy for her placement.

Ms Lipszyc's report is attached here.

The 2016 AMA NT Student Placement Grant was this year awarded to Ms Khadijah Nadeem who has been an AMA member and AMA NT Student Representative since June 2015. Ms Nadeem chose Wurrumiyanga, Bathurst Island for her placement.

Ms Nadeem's report is attached here.

Northern Territory Medical Program Award

AMA Northern Territory Award dedicated to Dr David Meadows

In 2013 the AMA NT Council unanimously agreed to each year award a Northern Territory second year medicine student who is recognised as having the potential to make an outstanding contribution to healthcare in line with the achievements of Dr David Meadows to whom the Award is dedicated. 

Dr David Meadows joined the AMA in 1994 and in 1995 was nominated and accepted to the position as the NT Representative on the AMA Council of General Practice and remained in the position until he took up the AMA NT Presidency in 1997 which he served for 12 months.  He then once again took up the position on AMACGP which he held for another Dr Meadows was passionate about general practice and the myriad of challenges facing general practitioners into the 21st century.  Dr Meadows served 2 years as Secretary and then 4 terms as AMA NT President while running a busy general practice. Dr Meadows was an outspoken proponent on behalf of general practitioners particularly those working in remote areas, providing unique insight in his role as a member of the AMACGP. 

In addition, he ensured that the challenges specific to general practice in the Territory, for example the lack of comprehensive treatment programs for people living with drug addictions, the challenge of delivering health services in remote aboriginal communities to a population with the worse health statistics in the country, have been placed squarely on the National/Federal agenda.

His contribution to general practice in the Territory, representing the AMA on the General Practice Forum run by the Northern Territory Government Department of Health, the significant work he did to raise awareness amongst government in relation to drug abuse, the plight of drug addicts and the difficulties faced by medical practitioners in a jurisdiction that has consistently refused to acknowledge, let alone deal with the drug problem in the Territory, all contributed to the profile and credibility of the AMA, not just in the Territory but nationally.

Dr Meadows had a selfless approach to issues, and his willingness to step out of his comfort zone and commit time, energy and resources, and his willingness to speak out on matters many would resile from made him an outstanding GP and AMA President.

The NTMP student at the end of their 2nd year who is assessed by local faculty as being the strongest in the three attributes of:

  1. Improvement over the first year results;
  2. Having Initiative; and
  3. Leadership

Check out our previous winners here.