The Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation Northern Territory (ASMOF NT) represents the salaried and non-government medical workforce in the Territory. 

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ASMOF 2023 Financial Report

ASMOF NT Branch Elections

ASMOF NT are pleased to announce that after successful AEC elections our new Council has been elected. These positions will be held for three years.


Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation - Northern Territory Branch

The Australian Salaried Medical Officers' Federation Northern Territory (ASMOF NT) represents the salaried and non-government medical workforce in the Territory. ASMOF NT's objectives are to:

  • Promote the broad interests of salaried doctors
  • Provide services to its members, including representation before industrial tribunals and in negotiations with employers
  • Advocate the provision and development of quality health services

ASMOF is a federation comprised of branches in all Australian States and Territories. Membership includes all levels of medical practitioners - interns, residents, registrars, hospital specialists, consultants, medical academics, medical administrators and salaried doctors generally.

The Australian Council of Trade Unions recognises ASMOF as the principal union for salaried medical practitioners, ASMOF having affiliated with the ACTU in 1991.

Our Commitment to you

  • Provide you with simplified advice regarding your employment rights and entitlements;
  • Assist with interpretation of contractual obligations, employer directive and legislation applicable to your employment;
  • Assist with resolution of payroll issues, including underpayments and overpayments;
  • Approach your employer to resolve issues relating to your employment on an individual or collective level (including rostering practices);
  • Work with you on resolving workplace conflicts and grievances and provide representation as a support person to meetings, as required;
  • Assist you with navigating performance-related matters;
  • Advocate for doctors' work health and safety with your employer to improve workplace employment practices; and 
  • Negotiate your industrial agreement (salary, allowances and conditions), within both the NT Public Service and non-government organisations. 

For those AMA NT members who are working as salaried medical officers, that is working as an employee, the AMA NT offers joint membership, at no extra charge, with ASMOF NT.

For members who are full-time employees, that's a saving of just over $700 per annum and don't forget it's tax deductible!

PLEASE NOTE: ASMOF NT provides basic industrial support, we do not have a legal department. If the issue is of a serious nature please contact your MDO or Doctors' Health NT on 8366 0250 or visit ASMOF NT does not provide advice on pre-existing industrial issues. 

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Branch Council

Branch President
Dr Thomas Fowles

Branch Vice-President
Dr Melanie Thomas

Branch Secretary

Branch Assistant Secretary / Treasurer
Dr Simon Ho

Branch Councillor - Staff Specialist
Dr John Zorbas

Branch Councillor - GP Registrar
Dr Thomas Young

Branch Councillor - Doctor-in-Training
Dr Bianca Kennedy

Branch Councillor - Miscellaneous

Executive Officer / Industrial Officer
Fiona Crombie

Contact Details
Phone: 08 8981 7479
Fax: 08 8941 0937