Strategic Plan 2022 - 2026



We support and advocate for Tasmanian doctors to optimise the health outcomes of all Tasmanians.


Serve as the peak support and advisory organisation representing all medical practitioners in Tasmania, and as a trusted advisor on health to government and the public.


  1. Medical workforce advocacy

Key Objective

  • To value, advocate for and support an effective, safe, sustainable, and professional working environment for students and doctors including:
    • Protecting doctors’ scope of practice and clinical decision-making responsibilities
    • Supporting world class education and training
    • Supporting the industrial representation of doctors through ASMOF and TSMPS
    • Growing state government support for general practice doctors
    • Supporting general practice doctors
    • Ensuring competitive income and comparative working conditions for workforce retention and attraction of all doctors
    • Providing opportunities to connect
    • Supporting principles of natural justice being applied when a complaint is made against a doctor

Action Plan

  • Use media and digital platforms for advocacy
  • Lobby University of Tasmania and Tasmanian Government on education and training issues as need arises
  • Organise industrial meetings
  • Support craft group meetings, state council, division meetings
  • Lobby for Drs to remain at the centre of patient care and other health professionals work in collaboration with Drs when providing care – nurse practitioners, pharmacists, other allied health professionals
  • Provide opportunities to connect facilitated via all meetings of AMA - Board, State Council, Divisions, statewide meetings, and annual social events.
  • Lobby state government to increase their support for general practice
  • Build a campaign to protect doctors from moral injury, exploitation and to ensure natural justice principles are applied when complaints are made against a doctor


  1. Tasmanian Health System advocacy

Key Objective

  • To develop and advocate for evidence based public health policy to ensure quality, safe and sustainable health care in Tasmania
    • Provide leadership on health policy
    • Develop policy in consultation with all members
    • Participate in government consultation opportunities
    • Meet regularly with relevant ministers, parliamentarians, and government officials
    • Collaborate with others in the health sector and community where appropriate
    • Promote the continual viability of general practice as an integral part of the entire Tasmanian healthcare system
    • Advocate for societal concerns affecting the health of Tasmanians

Action Plan

  • Attend quarterly meetings with the Ministers and Health Department Secretary
  • Attend parliamentary briefings and provide submissions on health related issues
  • Use media and digital platforms for advocacy
  • Write correspondence and submissions on relevant issues
  • Support work of Divisions and State Council
  • Use Survey Monkey and other means to consult regularly with membership on issues
  • Provide leadership on all public health, and mental health policy
  • Collaborate with Federal AMA and other states and territories around key issues
  1. Membership support

Key objective

  • To provide value to the membership through relevant and effective services and product offerings to grow membership and ensure the long-term sustainability of the organisation
    • Provide an advisory service for doctors
    • Create networking opportunities
    • Offer professional development opportunities
    • Be a conduit to health services for doctors’ health and well-being
    • Encourage members to drop in and use AMA resources

Action Plan

  • Utilise modern digital strategies to communicate clearly and concisely
  • To assist members with individual concerns
  • Promote Drs4Drs Tasmania and review its operations
  • Promote AMA CPD Home
  • Visit hospitals and private practices
  • Link in with products and services in other states AMA States e.g., AMA WA and AMA QLD.
  • Identify professional products and services that support members in their work
  • Create networking opportunities eg Women’s networking night, dinners for the medical profession and annual golf day
  • Membership incentives to join
  1. Support for AMA House

Key Objective

  • To support our staff to deliver strong operational results and assist the work of the various AMA Tasmania groups
    • maintain and grow financial resources
    • maintain robust operational processes and procedures
    • guide our business strategy and operations through contemporary compliance and the lens of risk management
    • utilise systems and technology to provide robust, secure, efficient, workable and practical interactions
    • identify areas of waste, lack of efficiency or duplication

Action plan

  • Provide training opportunities to staff
  • Remain competitive for all staff and salaries
  • Support flexible working arrangements