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We are advocates for Doctors and their Patients to the Government and our community.

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Many people still consider the AMA as the regulating authority for the medical profession, but it is not. We are advocates for doctors and their patients to the government and our community. However we do care, and when the many calls come to the AMA, we redirect them to the proper authorities.

We have listed many of these organisations here on our website to assist patients in finding the right place to go so their issues can be sorted out.

This section of the website has links and information on the Health Complaints Commission, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency and Consumer Affairs of Tasmania. Take some time a read through these pages and make sure you get to the right people who can help you.

Guidelines for Medical Practitioners on Certificates Certifying Illness

Click here for the Guidelines for Medical Practitioners on Certificates Certifying Illness - 2011

The purpose of this guideline is to clarify the responsibilities of medical practitioners, patients (eg., employees), and relevant third parties (eg., employers) regarding certificates certifying illness ("sickness certificates") within the context of the doctor-patient relationship.