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COVID close contact restrictions lifted

AMA Tasmania President Dr John Saul said, “changes to the COVID close contact isolation rules will ease the burden on many Tasmanians of having to isolate for seven days because they have been in contact with someone with COVID but remain COVID negative themselves.

“However, the danger of these changes is the public becoming far too complacent.

“With the relaxation of isolation requirements for close contacts, we must not forget that COVID remains a danger for vulnerable Tasmanians, particularly the elderly and immuno-compromised.

“While we have more freedoms, it is critical that Tasmanians continue to take precautions and follow public health advice on mask-wearing, vaccinations, sanitation and not mixing with other people if you could be at risk of contracting COVID because of being a close contact.

“We understand the lifting of these restrictions is critical for many services and businesses struggling to keep going with staff having to isolate. However, where close contacts can work from home, they should be encouraged and supported to do so regardless of the change in rules.

“With the privilege of no longer having to isolate as a close contact comes a responsibility on all Tasmanians to make sure they do the right thing to limit their risk of contracting COVID or being a carrier in the community.

“It will be paramount that people who have had contact with someone with COVID, wear a mask at all times, keep up to date with their sanitising measures, vaccinations and try to minimise any unnecessary contact with other people.”  >>>ENDS

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