Clear the hospital logjam

Clear the hospital logjam - emergency online town hall



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Clear the hospital logjam - emergency online town hall

A lack of government funding is resulting in public hospitals that are in logjam – with ambulances ramping, emergency departments at capacity, and long waits for essential surgery. There are just not enough beds or staff to deal with the demand.

Chronic underfunding of our public hospitals is putting us all at risk.

That’s why the Tasmanian Chapter of the AMA is holding an emergency online town hall – to put the issue of public hospital funding squarely on the agenda of our politicians in the lead up to the federal election.

Hear from a range of experts and frontline doctors on the importance of improved public hospital funding.

We’ll also invite local candidates to hear directly from you about why we need action on public hospital funding now.

Don’t miss this important and unique opportunity to make sure our politicians hear from the people at the centre of the issue – our doctors.