2023 Webinars

2023 Webinars



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6pm - 7pm




$0 for members and $55 for non-members

Who should attend:
  • GPs
  • specialist consultants
  • people who work at a medical practice 
  • owners of a private practice
  • practice managers

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2023 Webinars

2023 Webinars

Introducing multi-source feedback and the Medical Board of Australia's new continuing professional development (CPD) requirements. 

Thursday 20 April 2023 | Recording available

To request the recording please email registrations@amaq.com.au.
Cost: $55 for members and $110 for non-members.

AMA Queensland joined with CFEP Surveys and Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited (AGPAL) to help you:

  • Understand the concept and process of multi-source feedback (MSF) and its role in improving professional and interpersonal performance.
  • Gain knowledge of the evidence supporting MSF, its connection to continuous quality improvement and the Quadruple Aim of health care, and how to implement MSF in different healthcare organisations.
  • Learn about the Medical Board of Australia's Professional Performance Framework requirements and how MSF contributes to the action plan.
  • Discover CPD activities that can be attributed to the completion of multi-source feedback.


Dr Tina Janamian Dr Tina Janamian
Group Chief Executive of the AGPAL Group of Companies
Katrina Thomas Katrina Thomas
CFEP Surveys Operations Manager

Build a Better Financial Future 

Wednesday 17 May | Recording available

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Our corporate partner Cutcher & Neale covered key topics and strategies to boost your financial wellness, from creating and maintaining wealth through to the ins and outs of the financing options available to those in the medical field. You'll learn all about the following financial elements. 

Wealth Creation

  • Investing.
  • Supercharging your super.
  • Protecting your wealth.


  • Boosting borrowing power for young doctors.
  • Accessing low-deposit, no-LMI (lenders mortgage insurance) loans and using equity to build an investment portfolio.
  • Structuring debt - good debt vs. bad debt.


Sav Angi Sav Angi
Partner, Cutcher & Neale
Cutcher & Neale Wealth Management
Josh Holt Josh Holt
Credit Advisor - Residential & Commercial Finance, Cutcher & Neale
Cutcher & Neale Residential & Commercial Finance


Reduce your risk: Insurance to combat medical exposure

Thursday 20 July | Recording available

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The worst that could happen can happen to you. Do you have the right insurance to recover?

In this webinar, our Platinum corporate partner Cutcher & Neale will explore the exposures both individual doctors and medical practices face, the insurances you can put in place to combat them, and real-life claims examples.

Experts from Cutcher & Neale’s iMed team will take you through two key modules: 

1.    Medical Individuals

  • Why the sky rocketing costs on your home & contents?
  • Dangers lurking in your home policy
    • Under Insurance
    • Sub limits of cover
    • Accidental Damage v Listed events
  • What should you review to ensure you have the right cover and cover you may not need.

2.    Medical Practices

  • What can go wrong in your practice: 
    • Weather events
    • Customer complaints
    • Ransomware attack
    • Staff/Statutory disputes
  • Insurances for a practice: 
    • Business Insurance
    • Practice Indemnity
    • Cyber Insurance
    • Management Liability
    • Claims


Andrew Harrison

Andrew Harrison
Director - Insurance Advisor 

iMed, part of the Cutcher & Neale family
Andrew Harrison has spent two decades in the general insurance industry and has worked in many facets of insurance from specialised sports and construction insurance through to international and domestic brokers.

iMed Insurance


Treating Doctors with Mental Health Challenges 

Thursday 17 August | Recording available

This critical webinar about destigmatising the common experience of serious mental illness among doctors.  
Our speakers are your colleagues with lived experience: 

  • Doctors who sought help to manage their mental health challenges. 
  • Mental health experts who treat doctors.  

You will also hear from Ahpra representatives who will clarify reporting requirements.  
You will learn:  

  • The nature and experience of serious mental illness among doctors.  
  • The harm caused by stigma and silence.  
  • Helpful strategies when managing a colleague with mental illness.  
  • Ahpra requirements around notifications and how this impacts doctors treating and experiencing serious mental illness. 
  • Advocacy activities and outcomes driving better mental health support doctors.  

Practice Health Check 

Thursday 24 August | Recording available

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How long has it been since your practice had a check-up? In this webinar, our Platinum Partner Cutcher & Neale shares ways to keep your practice healthy so you can focus on your patients.

Join Nicole Brown as she discusses proven strategies to increase your practice income and grow your profile:

  • Understand how to read and analyse practice data
  • So many reports…..which ones are key?
  • KPIs and benchmarking – what’s it all about? 


Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown
Partner, Cutcher & Neale

Cutcher & Neale Wealth Management

Financial Essentials - Set up your finances for life

Thursday 12 October | Recording available

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Your journey to financial security starts now! Learn from the experts on how to navigate the income tax mine field, effectively manage loans, create wealth and set yourself up for life. This webinar will leave you feeling ready to take control of your financial strategies and navigate the future for success.

What you will learn: 

  • Laying the foundations for wealth
  • Wealth creation strategies including setting up super and investments
  • Advice on salary packaging
  • How to navigate income taxes for doctors in training
  • Doctor-specific lending policies available
  • Buying your first (or next) house with case studies – tips and best practice

Speakers from Cutcher & Neale: AMA Queensland’s platinum partners

  • Sav Angi – Wealth expert
  • Nicole Brown – Accounting expert
  • Josh Holt – Finance expert


Sav Angi

Sav Angi
Partner, Cutcher & Neale

Cutcher & Neale Wealth Management
Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown
Partner, Cutcher & Neale

Cutcher & Neale Accounting and Financial Services
Josh Holt

Josh Holt
Credit Advisor, Cutcher & Neale

Cutcher & Neale Wealth Management

October webinar: Queensland payroll tax update – next steps

Tuesday 24 October | Recording available

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For the last two years, AMA Queensland has fought against a payroll tax decision impacting doctors and their patients that could have forced many practices to close. We have repeatedly called on the Treasurer and Queensland Revenue Office (QRO) to provide clarity and relief for medical practices from the imposition of this unfair tax.

Last month, the QRO released a new public ruling confirming that Medicare benefits and patient fees, including any out-of-pocket expenses, will not be subject to payroll tax when they are paid directly by a patient to a doctor for a medical service.

The next step for all practices is to ensure your business structure is set up in compliance with the new public ruling. We’ve invited our corporate partners Cutcher & Neale and Hillhouse Legal Partners to discuss these changes and cover: 

  • Updates from December 2022 to now
  • How to identify key risks – structures and agreements
  • Whether you should apply for the general practice payroll tax amnesty or not – discussion with case study examples
  • Exemptions for non-GP Specialists for historical purposes
  • Recommendations for an Action Plan to reduce your exposure
  • Q&A


  • Nicole Brown – Cutcher and Neale
  • Craig Hong – Hillhouse Legal Partners


Nicole Brown

Nicole Brown
Partner, Cutcher & Neale

E  nicole.brown@cutcher.com.au
P  1800 988 522

Cutcher & Neale Accounting and Financial Services
Craig Hong

Craig Hong
Director, Hillhouse Legal Partners

E  craig@hillhouse.com.au
P  07 3228 6120

Hillhouse Legal Partners

November webinar: CPD for doctors is changing – all you need to know

November 2023 | Recording available

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Trust the AMA’s CPD Home, accredited by the AMC, to guide your CPD journey.

  • From 1 January 2024, all Australian doctors will need to comply with the Medical Board of Australia’s Registration Standard: Continuing professional development (the Standard).
  • Under the Standard, doctors will no longer be able to self-manage their CPD.
  • For ongoing medical registration, doctors must join an Australian Medical Council (AMC) approved CPD home.
  • Trust the AMA’s CPD Home, accredited by the AMC, to guide your CPD journey.
  • Join the CPD Home team to find out if this affects you and what the changes are.

What you will learn: 

  • Find out more about these changes and ensure your ongoing medical registration in 2024. 
  • CPD made easy with CPD Home. 


  • Dr Amit Vohra – Executive Lead CPD Home



Dr Amit Vohra

Dr Amit Vohra

Amit is the Executive Lead at CPD Home and a broadly experienced senior executive in the Australian health sector, with expertise in primary health care, new models of care, business commercialisation, membership strategies, industrial relations, patient centric care and digital health solutions. He was formerly the head of strategy and health solutions at Sonic Clinical Services, a division of multi-billion-dollar pathology and radiology company Sonic Healthcare (ASX: SHL), and brings more than 15 years of C-suite (chief level) healthcare experience. In addition to his most recent role, Amit has held chief executive officer, company secretary and director positions in several Australian healthcare companies and was recognised among the top 50 most influential people in General Practice by the Australian Doctor publication.

Dr Vohra is also Chairman of the board of not-for-profit organisation Dental Truck, which provides dental services to remote and rural indigenous communities around Australia. Amit has a doctorate in health workforce, a Masters in Business and is a graduate member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

CPD Home