Meet your elected representatives on on our main policy-making body.

Council 2024 - 25

The Council is responsible for:

  • determining questions and matters of policy for the Association;
  • making recommendations to the Board about representing the Association on all matters of policy with government or other bodies or persons;
  • reviewing the Association's existing health policies to ensure they remain relevant; and
  • assisting to ensure that the Association's health policies represent the views of members. 

To contact Council members, please call 07 3872 2222 or email. 

Dr Nicholas Yim
Dr Nicholas Yim


Dr Yim works as a General Practitioner in Hervey Bay. He is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners after achieving his MBBS from Griffith University, Gold Coast. He is a passionate medical educator and hosts registrars and medical students in his practice.  He continues on from his role as Vice President and Chair of AMA Queensland Council (2022-2024).  As a previous pharmacist, he acknowledges the importance of multidisciplinary and collaborative care to ensure patient care.

"It is a privilege being the President of AMA Queensland. Our membership is broad and we represent all doctors from medical students, doctors in training, GPs, public and private specialists. As a profession we need to see long-term planning and not band aid solutions. We must always continue to support and promote the importance of collaborative evidence-based practice. By working together, sharing knowledge and leveraging each other's strengths, we can achieve the common goal, which is optimising the health of Queenslanders.”

Dr Emilia Dauway
Dr Emilia Dauway
Vice President and Council Chair

General, Breast and Oncologic Surgeon

Dr Emilia Dauway is the former Chief of Breast Surgery and director of the Breast Cancer Program at Baylor, Scott and White Healthcare in Texas, USA. She is an American-trained surgeon who has taken the opportunity to practice general, breast and oncologic surgery in Australia.

Dr Maria Boulton
Dr Maria Boulton
Immediate Past President


Dr Maria Boulton is an industry leader, GP specialist, business owner, media commentator and public speaker. She has two decades’ experience working in private practice and hospitals in Brisbane and regional Queensland. She has driven state and national health policy through leadership roles in AMA Queensland, AMA, RACGP, Australian GP Alliance and Queensland Medical Women’s Society. She is the Immediate Past President of AMA Queensland. Dr Boulton completed her medical degree at The University of Queensland in 2002. She is a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners and a graduate and member of Australian Institute of Company Directors.

“Opening Family Doctors Plus increased my awareness of the challenges faced by my GP and non-GP specialist colleagues, motivating me to become involved in creating positive change. Primarily, these challenges revolve around providing quality, evidence-based healthcare in the face of dwindling funding and inadequate MBS rebates.”

James Allen
Dr James Allen
Greater Brisbane Area Representative


Dr James Allen is a general practitioner with an interest in populations who experience disadvantage including LGBTIQA+SB community, Indigenous peoples, regional isolation and poverty. Understanding funding mechanisms, models of care, medical education and research frameworks from an intersectional perspective is vital to improving disparate health outcomes. Dr Allen has a broad interest in health practitioner well-being, health policy, law and health economics. 

“Sustainability of private practice is a vital component of the health system adding capacity for innovation, adaptation to the specific needs of a community, and flexibility for practitioners. Enterprise bargaining and workforce development strategies that provide for fatigue management, practitioner well-being and meet the capacity requirements of the health sector benefit everyone, especially patients and the Australian public.”

Dr Sanjeev Bandi
Dr Sanjeev Bandi
Capricornia Area Representative


Dr Sanjeev Bandi is a consultant urologist trained in India, Ireland and Australia. Dr Bandi was the Chair of the Special Advisory Group in Andrology of the Urological Society of Australia and New Zealand for two terms from 2007 to 2014. He has been Australia’s Highest Fund Raiser for MOVEMBER since 2015 and is a proud MOVEMBER Community Ambassador and men’s health and well-being advocate. He has a passion for patient education and has been a pioneer in using digital technology, virtual reality and artificial intelligence in creating mobile applications to enhance understanding of urological ailments worldwide. 
“I am looking forward to representing the regional doctors from the Capricornia Area again for my third term, and those of us who work hard in these trying times to balance work and family commitments. I would like to see doctors be more proactive in influencing their own quality of life and set an example for healthy living. I have been a strong campaigner to raise awareness of the pandemic of physician burnout in this country and am keen to be a role model to influence change in the nutrition and activity practices across the wider community."

Sharmila Biswas
Dr Sharmila Biswas
Part-time Medical Practitioner Representative

Vocationally registered GP

Dr Sharmila Biswas works part-time in general practice, as well as part-time at the Australian Digital Health Agency since 2008 and Cairns Private Hospital Pre-Admission Clinic. She has also had the experience of working in a Community Controlled Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health organisation (1997-2011).

"Part-time work provides incredible opportunities to interact in many areas of practice but also presents challenges with respect to employment status, remuneration, subscriptions and expectations.

I feel there is a need for important advocacy for a large cohort of medical practitioners who are occupied by other priorities at different times of their careers with care of children, elders, pre-retirement and other areas of work voluntary or remunerated which actually gives them wider perspective and creates a sustainable workforce.”

Dr Kimberley Bondeson
Dr Kimberley Bondeson
Greater Brisbane Area Representative

GP, Aviation Medicine, Coal Mine Medicals

Dr Kimberley Bondeson graduated from The University of Queensland in 1996 and spent five years working in rural and remote Queensland. This included 12-month stints in Emerald, Warwick and Doomadgee. After completing accident and emergency basic training, Dr Bondeson returned to Brisbane, where she worked as an after-hours doctor for three years, before attaining her FRACGP.

“My intention is to represent the views and voices of the doctors in the Greater Brisbane Area. This includes both public and private doctors, specialist and general practitioners, and doctors in training. I will ensure the concerns of our patients and the public are listened to carefully and advocate for those who do not have a voice. Continuing ongoing monitoring of important local and national medical and political issues.”

Dr Eleanor Chew OAM
Dr Eleanor Chew OAM
Member Elected Director and Board Chair


Dr Eleanor Chew is a GP specialist with extensive experience representing the role of primary care in the health services profession. A graduate of the University of Queensland, Dr Chew has over 35 years’ experience as a GP, working in a variety of practice settings across Australia. 

“As a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, I have a clear understanding of my responsibilities as director and chair, and will work to ensure that the AMA Queensland Board exercises its responsibilities and fiduciary duty to support the association in serving its members. In my various roles representing the profession, I have gained valuable insights into the many challenges facing the medical profession, providing a sound basis for me to support Council to formulate policy and provide direction for the advancement of critical issues affecting Queensland doctors.”

Dr Lisa Fraser
Dr Lisa Fraser
General Practice Representative


Dr Lisa Fraser is a practice owner and keen supervisor in Far North Queensland. Dr Fraser is a full-time GP whose interests include mental health, skin cancer medicine and medical education. 

“My purpose in this role is to bring the perspective of rural private practice and generalism to advocacy. I am passionate about improving the quality of GP training and the lived experience of GPs working in our current system through policy improvements.”

Dr Erica Gannon
Dr Erica Gannon
Specialist Representative

Emergency Physician

Dr Erica Gannon is a senior medical officer and staff specialist emergency physician.  Professionally she has been in clinical practice for 17 years in Australia and overseas and currently practices at the Caboolture Hospital and St Andrews War Memorial Hospital. A former pharmacist, she began her medical studies in 2000 at the University of Sydney and completed her fellowship with The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine in 2012. She is highly motivated to continue to make significant contributions to Council through advocacy and policy development/changes for the benefit of our profession, working environments and wellbeing.  

“I believe that the AMA is a powerful and important body.  Championing leadership and advocacy for members, patients and the community in general is of paramount importance. Representing members on Council has provided me a platform to not only benefit others, but also allow me that opportunity to help maintain and uphold the traditions and integrity of the medical profession in which we work."

Dr Alison Green
Dr Alison Green
Greater Brisbane Area Representative

GP and Senior Lecturer

Dr Green is a GP working in Windsor in the inner north of Brisbane, in a vibrant cradle-to-grave and doctor-owned general practice. She grew up in Toowoomba and medicine is her second career - she lived and worked in Canberra in the early 2000s, working in law and policy for the federal government. She had always been drawn to medicine and made the jump from law to complete her medical degree at the University of Queensland in 2008, followed by hospital years, parenthood and Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners. She has worked as an academic at the University of Queensland and particularly enjoyed her time meeting and working with dedicated GP teachers of medical students throughout the region. She maintains ongoing interest and involvement in research and teaching.  

"My AMA membership, continuous since medical school, has always been a comfort to me. I value the collegiality of fellow members and being part of an organisation that fights for me and my patients. I now put up my hand to use my skills and experience to advocate for my fellow AMA members at a time when we face challenges including care fragmentation and government temptation to replace doctors with less experienced and less safe alternatives. I will advocate strongly and strategically for the interests of AMA Queensland members and the safety of our patients."

Paul Griffin
Associate Professor Paul Griffin
Full-time Salaried Medical Practitioner Representative

Infectious Diseases Physician and Clinical Microbiologist

Assoc Prof Paul Griffin is an Infectious Diseases Physician and Director of Infectious Diseases at Mater Health and Head of the Mater Clinical Unit and Associate Professor of Medicine at the University of Queensland. He has Fellowships in Infectious Diseases from the College of Physicians, in Clinical Microbiology from the College of Pathologists and from the Australasian College of Tropical Medicine and is the chair of the Advanced Training Committee for Infectious Diseases with the College of Physicians. 

Paul has an active interest in clinical trials and has been the principal investigator on more than 125 clinical trials mostly in infectious diseases including malaria human challenge studies and novel vaccines, including eight vaccines for COVID-19. As a Clinical Microbiologist, he maintains an active interest in diagnostic microbiology with a focus on clinical applications of faecal microbiome metagenomic sequencing. 

"I am very grateful for the opportunity to represent salaried medical practitioners on the AMA Queensland Council. Having a full-time role that includes public and private hospital-based practice as well as teaching and research, I feel I am in a good position to be able to represent this important sector of the medical workforce. I plan to ensure the challenges as well opportunities in this space are shared with the AMA council and to support the important work of the AMA more broadly."

Associate Professor Geoffrey Hawson
Associate Professor Geoffrey Hawson
Senior Doctors Representative

Clinical Haematology, Medical Oncology, Palliative Care
Assoc Prof Hawson has been a medical specialist for over 45 years and an Eminent Specialist with Queensland Health for the 10 years preceding his retirement from public practice. Assoc Prof Hawson established and/or developed oncology, haematology and palliative care services at The Prince Charles Hospital (TPCH) and Redcliffe, Caboolture Nambour Hospitals. Widely published, he has extensive experience in research, clinical trials, pathology services, ethics and advisory committees. Currently, his part-time, private practice is in non-malignant haematology. He is a Director of the Compass Institute and President of the Australian Senior Active Doctors Association.

“As Senior Doctors representative, I’ve highlighted the concerns of senior doctors as they transition towards retirement and encounter obstacles and stresses around maintaining registration. I am passionate about ensuring that pathways are in place to support doctors’ continued contributions to their communities after they wind down busy practices.  Senior doctors are an under-utilised asset in advancing the health of the Australian community and it’s imperative that a lifetime of expertise doesn’t go to waste. I’m proud to serve on the AMA Queensland Board which has a history of supporting senior doctors and lobbying on their behalf for a registration category to enable doctors’ ongoing contributions.”

Dr Sandra Hirowatari
Dr Sandra Hirowatari
General Practitioner Representative


Dr Sandra Hirowatari is a semi-retired GP doing rural locums in two countries, Australia and Canada. She is of Japanese-Canadian descent, born in Vancouver and lives in Cairns. She is a Fellow of the RACGP and the College of Family Physicians of Canada, and a past Board member for British Columbia College of Family Physicians of Canada, RACGP (SA), Adelaide North Division of GP. She's a past Councillor AMA WA, past Chair AMA Council of Rural Doctors, past Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service Council Member. Dr Hirowatari is currently a Rural Councillor for the Australian Federation of Medical Women; a Clinical Instructor for the University of British Columbia; and on roster at the Cairns Base Hospital and Vancouver General Hospital as a Forensic Sexual Assault Examiner.

"My personal mission statement is to be a source of illuminating empowerment for my patients and colleagues. I believe those of us in advocacy roles have some common motivating forces.  We have felt anger at injustices, we hold with great respect those advocates who work to equalise inequities, and we feel we need to speak for those who do not have a voice. I feel AMA Queensland aligns with my personal mission statement."


Dr Sharon Kelly
Dr Sharon Kelly
Committee of Consultant Specialists Chair

ENT Surgeon

Dr Sharon Kelly gained her medical degree from The University of Queensland in 1987. She became a Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Surgeons in 1995. Dr Kelly is registered in Queensland as an Otorhinolaryngologist, Head and Neck Surgeon.

She is currently the Director of ENT Surgery for Metro North HHS overseeing ENT services for RBWH, SATRS and Redcliffe Hospital. In 2015 she oversaw the expansion of ENT services into Redcliffe Hospital. This service provides complex care for a variety of patient types, including head and neck cancer, cochlear implantation, trauma care and advanced rhinology. Between 2015 and 2017, Dr Kelly oversaw an award-winning project to reduce waiting times for ENT services across Metro North HHS. She was awarded the Public Service Medal for that work.

Dr Kelly also runs a private practice from Wickham Terrace, Brisbane, and has a keen interest in medico-legal reporting. She has wide experience in ENT disorders arising in the workplace, having been a member of the Workers’ Compensation Regulator (formerly Q-COMP) Medical Assessment Tribunal since 2005. 

Having had a long association with AMA Queensland, Dr Kelly served as Chair of Council and Chair of the AMA Queensland Board from 2013 to 2016. She continues her advocacy role as Chair of the AMA Queensland Committee of Consultant Specialists.

Associate Professor Alka Kothari
Associate Professor Alka Kothari
Greater Brisbane Area Representative

Obstetrician and Gynaecologist

Assoc Prof Alka Kothari is a Senior Staff Specialist in Obstetrics and Gynaecology, a Metro-North Clinician Research Fellow and a Conjoint Associate Professor in the Faculty of Medicine at The University of Queensland.

She has a passionate interest in encouraging multidisciplinary research in perinatal mental health, women’s imaging, and medical education. She has undertaken a PhD on ‘Forgotten Fathers in Pregnancy and Childbirth’ and is currently translating her research into practice. Assoc Prof Kothari has been invited to present her research at numerous international and national conferences. She is an ardent advocate for fathers and partners. She serves on the Board, Clinical Advisory Committees and Governance Committees and provides expert guidance and support to several not-for-profit fatherhood organisations nationally. Assoc Prof Kothari has received various awards for research excellence, leadership and teaching.

"I am keen to continue contributing to AMA Queensland's health advocacy in the areas of maternity services, mental health and wellbeing, and medical education and training. With my established track record in research, I am keen to build research capacity and promote collaborative partnerships nationally to improve care for our patients and doctors.”

Lachlan McMillan
Lachlan McMillan
Medical Student Representative

BBioMedSc BSc (Hons) PhD
Medical student

Lachlan is a final year medical student at Griffith University, based at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital. He has also obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Science with first-class honours, and completed his PhD in 2019 at Monash University.

He has previously sat as the Chair of the Board for the Australian Medical Students Association (AMSA) and as the post-graduate student representative on the Griffith University Council, along with myriad clinical review and human research ethics council roles.

"I am passionate about all issues affecting prospective and junior doctors in training, from improving standards of medical education to decreasing junior-doctor training bottlenecks. I am extremely excited to be a part of the AMA Queensland and to represent the broader student and junior doctor community. I hope that having a voice in the in the Council room will facilitate greater engagement with those tasked with preserving the profession.”

Ewen McPhee
Associate Professor Ewen McPhee AM
General Practitioner Representative


Assoc Prof Ewen McPhee AM is a rural GP with GP Obstetrics. He is a resident and practice owner in Emerald, Central Queensland, since 1989. Assoc Prof McPhee has held state and national positions with the Rural Doctors Association of Queensland and Australia as President of each. He held a position on the board and was President of the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine in 2019-20. He continues to work in rural health as a Medical Advisor to the Office of Rural and Remote Health and is chair of the Future Proofing our Rural and Remote Medical Workforce (FORCe) committee. Assoc Prof McPhee is a GP supervisor for RACGP and ACRRM registrars.

“I have been in rural general practice for over 30 years and have seen many changes that have affected sustainability. I am passionate regards restabilising secure foundations for primary care in regional Queensland. I have been engaged in the longitudinal training pathway from students to interns and then registrars. I hope to advocate for and promote medicine as a career choice for regional people, while recognising the declining numbers of experienced supervisors in all aspects of the profession. There is no doubt that primary care access for regional, rural, and remote Queensland is in decline, and this is impacting the health and wellbeing of communities. The AMA is a key player in developing new and innovative ways of supporting and sustaining rural clinicians to meet this challenge.”

Rob Nayer
Dr Robert Nayer
North Area Representative

BComm (Hons) BHSci (Hons) MBBS GCElead FACEM AFRACMA
Emergency physician, staff specialist

Dr Robert Nayer is an emergency physician working at the Mount Isa Base Hospital in remote Queensland. He previously chaired the AMA Queensland Committee of Doctors in Training and was a member of the ED Ramping Round table. He currently serves on the board of directors of the Queensland Doctors Health Program, and was involved in advocacy to enact legislative change making hospital and health service boards legally responsible for the psychosocial wellbeing of their staff.

"As an emergency physician, I'm acutely aware of the dire situation our primary and public health care systems are facing which puts our patients, and the mental health of doctors, at risk. More than ever, doctors need strong advocacy and public engagement to make sure we, and our patients, are not left behind as the health system tries to cope with increasing complexity and service demands. My focus is on workforce planning throughout the medical training pipeline, and  the wellbeing of the health workforce. AMA Queensland plays an important role in all of our professional lives, giving us all a voice for change."

Dr Katie Panaretto
Dr Katie Panaretto
Specialist Representative

GP and public health physician  

Dr Katie Panaretto is a highly experienced GP and public health physician. She has worked in both urban, regional and remote areas across Queensland. Dr Panaretto has served on many national committees including the Medicare Review Taskforce - GP and Primary Care Committee, the North West Health and Hospital Service Board. She currently sits on the national eHealth committee. Dr Panaretto is respected for important contributions to maternal health, and health information systems in general practice and Aboriginal primary health.  

“I am acutely aware of issues facing our profession, our health workforce and the community. We need to make sure any reforms are fair to all and will make a genuine difference to our health system.  In addition, the impacts of climate change on our health and the health system will increase in the next decade - we must work with governments to mitigate these impacts, keep our governments accountable. We need more innovation and commitment from government in our urban planning and active travel systems to achieve gains in mental health, inclusion, connectivity and physical health for our patients and our community. I look forward to working with members and our organisation in health reform and health prevention to safeguard both the community and our workforce.”

Bhavesh Patel
Associate Professor Bhavesh Patel
Specialist Representative

Paediatric Surgeon, Queensland State Medical Lead Quality Improvement, Chief Medical Information Officer (Part)
Assoc Prof Patel works as a paediatric surgeon in Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, both in public and private practice. He is the State Clinical Lead for Surgical Quality Improvement at Clinical Excellence Queensland and leads the Australian Paediatric collaborative for the National Safety and Quality Improvement Program. He is an Associate Professor at University of Queensland, and Honorary Adjunct Associate Professor at Bond University. His interests include systems design, education, technology (digital health/AI), patient engagement and health literacy. He serves on a variety of international, national and state committees for his craft, education, governance and digital health.  
"I'm here to help build a better healthcare system that uses technology wisely for equitable care with advocacy for children and their families. I'll continue to mentor the junior clinical workforce to ensure fulfilment in their rotations and successful transition to leadership roles. Together, we are here to serve the community." 

Dr Fiona Raciti
Dr Fiona Raciti
General Practitioner Representative

GP, business owner, company director

As a Brisbane-based GP and co-founder of the award-winning Family Doctors Plus in Windsor, Dr Fiona Raciti is passionate about delivering patient-centred, holistic medical care - and an avid advocate of owner-operated general practice as the best way to achieve it.

“Empowering people to take charge of their own health and well-being is my driving ethos and I consider encouraging young doctors to actively participate in the ‘business’ of medicine equally important. I'm proud to be part of a supported, committed and collegiate team which thrives in a workplace that actively focuses on providing continuity of care for all patients and all staff. I enjoy adding my voice to the advocacy of Australia’s general practitioners and helping to keep their interests in the public and government’s line of sight.”

Dr Mikaela Seymour
Dr Mikaela Seymour
Doctors in Training Representative

Public Health Advanced Trainee

Dr Mikaela Seymour is a Public Health Advanced Trainee in North Queensland. She was previously Deputy Chair of the AMA Queensland CDT, Chair of the JMOFQ and received the AMA Doctor in Training of the Year Award in 2018. Dr Seymour has spent a number of years working overseas in the Pacific and Asia in remote and rural primary care and project management, and was a previous technical advisor for the Australian Regional Immunisation Alliance. 

“My experiences in health system strengthening programs have demonstrated to me the importance of doctors’ participation and leadership in advocating for health reforms. The challenges facing doctors today demand strong advocacy for optimal conditions to support community care. Together we can fight for these conditions through AMA Queensland. Being a North Queenslander, I understand and appreciate the unique challenges we face and look forward to representing these at the AMA Queensland Council.”

Dr Shiven Singh
Dr Shiven Singh
Gold Coast Area Representative

Rotational Junior House Medical Officer

Dr Shiven Singh is a rotational Junior House Medical Officer currently working in the Gold Coast Health services. He was previously the AMA Queensland Medical Student Representative in 2022 and academic officer for the AMSA social prescribing student collective. Dr Singh has an interest in the field of ophthalmology and the emerging technology in this field. 

“It is a pleasure to find myself back with the AMA Queensland team to help make a difference in the Gold Coast area. My purpose is to advocate for my fellow junior doctors as well as medical students starting their career. Junior doctors are pivotal in keeping the hospitals running smoothly and I am passionate about promoting the wellbeing of our staff by advocating for safer working hours, friendlier environments and more structured protected learning time.”

Dr Sally Sojan
Dr Sally Sojan
Downs and West Area Representative


Dr Sally Sojan is a Nuclear Medicine Radiologist and the current President of the Toowoomba and Darling Downs Local Medical Association. She is a member of the Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation Scheme Advisory Committee and is Treasurer of the Australasian Musculoskeletal Imaging Group.

“I believe in strengthening our regional health centres in training and the range of health services provided and supported. This in turn will help to alleviate the pressures on our larger city hospitals. In the face of ongoing pressures from government and policy, a strong medical community with collegiality is required to promote the needs of our patients and the needs of our doctors. Together we need to represent our patients and our medical community for greater recognition to enable greater engagement so we can continue to care for our community for the betterment of all.”

Ben Wakefield
Dr Ben Wakefield
Greater Brisbane Area Representative

Psychiatrist and GP Rural Generalist

Dr Benjamin Wakefield currently works in psychiatric private practice in North Brisbane as well holding a position as a Senior Medical Officer (GP) at Esk Hospital. He has worked in a number of roles throughout his 10 years as a clinician in both private and public practice and is also currently a medical officer in the Army reserve. Dr Wakefield has previously held a number of positions within the AMA Queensland including recently the interim Chair of the Committee of General Practice and has been on the AMA Queensland Council since 2021.
"I believe AMA Queensland is an important mouthpiece not only for doctors, but for our patients as well. My goal on the AMA Queensland Council is to represent the doctors of Greater Brisbane by advocating for safe and sustainable working conditions which in turn will improve patient outcomes."

Elise Witter
Dr Elise Witter
Committee of Doctors in Training Chair

Prison Mental Health Psychiatry Registrar

Dr Elise Witter is a PGY4 doctor currently training in mental health in Cairns. Dr Witter has been involved with advocacy and promoting doctor wellbeing through her local Resident Medical Officer Society, AMA Queensland and the Junior Medical Officer Forum. 

“As CDT Chair, I hope to continue the work of Dr Rob Nayer and the 2022 team by promoting doctor in training wellbeing, pursuing strategies from the Health Professionals’ Mental Health and Wellbeing Summit and ensuring doctors in training are aware of their rights at work under MOCA 6."