AMA Queensland 2023-24 Budget Submission

AMA Queensland Budget Submission 2023-24


Our health system is breaking under the pressure of a decade of neglect and under-investment, particularly in the crucial areas of general practice and obstetrics. Once seen as a world-leader in health care, our public hospital system and workforce is overburdened, stressed and fatigued and patients are suffering. Opportunities for health prevention and cost savings are also being continually lost. 

This Budget provides an opportunity for the Queensland Government to halt this alarming decline and invest in services we know deliver high-quality patient care and outcomes and reduce hospital costs. AMA Queensland calls on the Premier, Treasurer and Health Minister to implement the key budget priorities set out in this submission, many of which have been advocated for by peak bodies and the health profession for years. AMA Queensland is committed to working together with the government to improve the health and lives of all Queenslanders and we look forward to the forthcoming Queensland Budget. 


AMA Queensland Budget 2023-24 Priorities

Priority 1

Women’s Health: Obstetrics and Gynaecology

Priority 2

General Practice

Priority 3

Funding of PhD Research Project: Medical Workforce Job Analysis

Priority 4

Budget Priorities not implemented in 2022-23



Ramping Roundtable Action Plan outstanding priorities



Mental Health



Palliative Care



Medical workplace safety and health



Digital Healthcare

Priority 5

Refugee and International Medical Graduate Support

Priority 6

Climate Change

Priority 7

Voluntary Assisted Dying

Priority 8

Drug Law Reform


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