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Queensland Health has shared its latest Frontline Advice on topics including IV fluid supply disruption, QScript changes, extended practice for RNs and midwives, Research and AI, safeguarding young minds, wellbeing, and climate change.

The below information was shared by Queensland Health in the latest 'Frontline Advice'.


Supply disruption affecting intravenous fluid products

Hospital and Health Services have been alerted to a supply disruption affecting sodium chloride 0.9% (Saline) for intravenous (IV) infusion and sodium lactate (Hartmann’s) solution for intravenous infusion. A critical response working group has been established to manage the issue and minimise the impact. Click here to read more (available to internal QH staff only).

Changes to QScript look-up and Monitored Medicines Standard requirements

From 1 July 2024, amendments to the Medicines and Poisons (Medicines) Regulation 2021 came into effect which will impact mandatory QScript look-up requirements and the Monitored Medicines Standard. For more information, please click here.

Medicines and Poisons (Medicines) Amendment Regulation 2024

Effective 1 May 2024, the Medicines and Poisons Regulation has been amended to reflect changes for Extended Scope of Practice - registered nurses and midwives in vaccine training and administration, and hormonal intrauterine devices.

Senate releases recommendations for research and AI

The Queensland Clinical Senate has released a suite of recommendations from its Research and Artificial Intelligence meeting. The 10 recommendations range from the development of a partnership framework for fostering a collaborative research culture to the development of an AI framework for Queensland Health. 

You can read the recommendations here.

Safeguarding young minds

Queensland Health has released a guide to safer social media for kids. Among the recommendations is that parents limit access to social media for children under 14. The guide has been released following the latest data from The health of Queenslanders: Report of the Chief Health Officer. It showed a worrying drop in the mental health and wellbeing of young people across Queensland. You can read the guidelines here.

Online wellbeing program

The Department of Health has partnered with Mater Education to create an online wellbeing education and training program, tailored specifically for junior doctors.

The Mind(re)set program is available on the iLearn platform and is targeted to Queensland Health junior doctors in postgraduate years one to five. Mind(re)set is an interactive, voluntary, self-paced program designed to support junior doctors to prioritise their own wellbeing and to promote positive changes to empower improved wellbeing.

Queensland Clinical Senate Podcast

On the back of its Healthcare and Climate Change meeting, the Senate has released a podcast interview with Dr Lachlan McIver, a Queensland doctor turned Planetary Health Advisor for Doctors without Borders. Based in Switzerland, Lachlan spoke about his journey from the small rural town of Millaa Millaa to his experiences in some of the most remote and underprivileged countries around the world, and his drive to make a difference to climate change and the impact it is having on human health.

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