AMA Queensland benefits to help out with the cost of living

The medical profession demands an extraordinary level of dedication, expertise, and commitment, often at a personal expense. However, as the cost of living continues to escalate, doctors in training are increasingly confronted with financial pressures that can distract their ability to deliver high-quality care while maintaining their own wellbeing.

Our doctors in training play an important role as frontline workers and pillars of communities and supporting them through their career is always our number one priority, especially during these tough economic times.

While our advocacy efforts look at the big picture, we know the increasing cost of living impacts so many aspects of everyday life. AMA Queensland membership benefits are one of the ways we support our members on a day-to-day basis.

Many of these benefits aim to support the management of often costly yet essential parts of life, from electricity and fuel expenses, to prioritising the crucial balance between work and personal life.  

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During an already stressful time, navigating energy plans can be a difficult task. We encourage AMA Queensland members to take advantage of Zembl (formerly Make It Cheaper); a free energy comparison service helping you save time and money on your electricity bill.

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Few understand the significance of nutrition in maintaining a healthy lifestyle better than health professionals. However, as the cost of groceries continues to rise, prioritising a nutritious diet can be challenging.

To alleviate some financial strain and mitigate stress related to expenses, we provide our members with grocery and other everyday essential gift cards.

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During a cost-of-living crisis, fashion is unlikely to remain a priority for many. While fashion may not be important, maintaining a practical wardrobe and a polished, professional appearance as a doctor is.

By providing discounts to high quality brands for clothes, shoes and accessories, we enable doctors to focus on their crucial work with peace of mind, ensuring that their appearance reflects the respect and dedication they bring to their profession, even during economic challenges.

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Partnering with EG Ampol fuel we’re also able to provide a practical solution to alleviate the financial burden of rising fuel costs, especially for those who rely on their personal vehicle for a lengthy commute to work.

Our members can receive an ongoing fuel discount of 4¢ per litre as a special offer, which can be combined with other EG offers including Everyday Rewards points for larger fuel discounts.

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Taking time for yourself or travelling for work can feel like a luxury when the cost barrier is so high, but the significance of prioritising self-care and professional development cannot be understated.

Orbit World Travel are the specialists in all things from boutique luxury solo to family escapes, business, cruise and expedition travel, helping busy people spend more time on holiday and less time planning it.  

The benefits of booking with Orbit World Travel include discounted travel insurance, packages, and onboard credits to make travel, both for leisure and work, more accessible.

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These benefits are exclusively for you as an AMA member. Our hand-picked business partners have put together offers that recognise the important work medical professionals do and reward you for your commitment to Queensland’s peak medical representative group.

We know the increasing cost of living impacts so many aspects of everyday life and encourage all members to take advantage of these benefits.

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