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AMA Queensland membership has something for all GPs

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AMA Queensland membership has something for all GPs, whether you are a practice owner, an employee or a contractor. We provide advice on awards, practice management, medical records, workers’ compensation, employment relations, privacy and more.

AMA Queensland is a powerful voice for general practitioners. GPs have a say in the work of AMA Queensland through the AMA Queensland Committee of General Practice (AMAQCGP). AMA Queensland provides tools and information for GPs in their professional and business lives.

Through the AMAQCGP, AMA Queensland provides trusted representation on the key issues affecting general practitioners, advocating nationally and at a state level on a range of policies to protect the sustainability of the health care system and ensure adequate investment in general practice. 

AMA Queensland's General Practice advocacy

Health Hubs - AMA Queensland advocated for a reprioritisation of our health care funding so the system is sustainable, equitable and focuses on patient needs. As part of this reprioritisation of funding, we believe the Queensland Government should invest in a trial of a ‘Health Hub,’ which would demonstrate the clear advantages of reprioritising our health system into a patient-centred, coordinated care model.

Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) – The AMA Queensland Committee of General Practice (AMAQCGP) has been at the forefront of advocating for changes to the CPC policy. Referrals are a peer-to-peer communication between general practitioners and specialists – a principle which needs to be preserved. AMA Queensland does not support a system whereby non-clinicians determine triaging of referrals or what further intervention is required.

AMA Queensland will continue to work with Queensland Health to ensure the CPC policy protects the important relationship between GPs and specialists and that it does not become a burden for general practitioners to work with.

­Care at the end of life – AMA Queensland advocated for improvements to Queensland’s care at the end of life regime. As part of this advocacy work, we want to ensure health practitioners, particularly doctors, in all fields of health care delivery, develop the skills to provide appropriate care to those at the end of their life.

Nurse navigators – AMA Queensland issued a position statement on the nurse navigation policy. We are concerned the policy undermines the role of the doctor and general practice and that it can impact on continuity of care.

Drug/alcohol management plan – The AMAQCGP developed a position statement on what a comprehensive drug and alcohol management plan might look like in Queensland, which we delivered to the Queensland Government. As part of this work, we advocated for the implementation of real-time prescription monitoring in Queensland to better protect GPs and their patients from harm.

Workplace Relations Support, Toolkit and Tailored Services

The AMA Queensland Workplace Relations team provides workplace relations advice for practitioners in private practice sector.

Services available to members includes, but are not limited to:

  • workplace relations training and development
  • a comprehensive range of fact sheets on entitlements such as annual leave, sick leave, superannuation and long service leave
  • practice management support
  • timely advice for dealing with workplace incidents, interpreting and applying awards and legislation, and employment terms and conditions.

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Corporate partners

Through carefully selected corporate partners, AMA Queensland offers a range of excellent commercial benefits and discounts for your benefits professionally and personally - from legal and accounting services, insurance, banking and finance to travel and cars.

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Events, training and professional development

AMA Queensland offers an extensive annual program of accredited conferences, training programs, seminars and free member networking events throughout the state. Many of our short seminars and professional networking events are offered free of charge to AMA Queensland members. Selected short seminars are also filmed and made available free to members in the ‘Members Only’ portal of our website.

AMA Queensland's events and training program includes:

  • The annual AMA Queensland Private Practice & Medico-Legal Conference, offering sessions designed for those new to practice and those seeking to expand their knowledge of running a private practice. The conference also provides the latest case updates and advice on medico-legal and regulatory issues.
  • A range of free member events and networking opportunities developed in consultation with AMA Queensland Committees and Corporate Partners.
  • Workplace Relations training delivered throughout Queensland.

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Business Support Services - helping you organise your committee

Partner with one of Australia's most trusted not-for-profit organisations to provide the day-to-day management needs to your committee.

Partner with one of Australia's most trusted not-for-profit organisations to provide the day-to-day management needs to your committee.

  • Meeting coordination
  • Bookkeeping services
  • Conferences and event management
  • Member engagement
  • Day-to-day administration
  • Bookkeeping services

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AMA Fees List

Don’t forget as a GP member you also have access to the AMA Fees list, a comprehensive, real-time fees website and calculator that is valued at $550 alone.

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