Voluntary Assisted Dying

Voluntary Assisted Dying


Voluntary Assisted Dying information

Queensland's Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) laws commence on 1 January 2023. With that date looming, doctors still have many questions about how the VAD scheme will operate, eligibility criteria and practitioner applications. 

Even if you choose to not be a Voluntary Assisted Dying practitioner, you still have legal obligations. These include how to:

  • initiate a discussion about voluntary assisted dying
  • respond if someone makes a first request
  • respond if asked to undertake a consulting assessment
  • complete a cause of death certificate for someone who has accessed voluntary assisted dying.

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Authorised voluntary assisted dying practitioner applications open

Queensland Health invites applications from eligible:

  • medical practitioners to participate in Queensland’s voluntary assisted dying scheme as coordinating, consulting, and administering practitioners
  • nurse practitioners and registered nurses to participate in Queensland’s voluntary assisted dying scheme as administering practitioners.

Before submitting an application, prospective practitioners should review this information pack, which provides:

  • a summary of practitioner roles
  • eligibility requirements
  • how to apply.

Submit an application

Please note: this is an application to become authorised as a voluntary assisted dying practitioner. It is not an application for a job vacancy or position within Queensland Health.


Hospital and Health Services implementation

Each HHS is working on their own local implementation plans. If members are wanting to know who to speak to in their local HHS they can either reach out through their usual channels or via the VAD Implementation Unit. 


Education module

The voluntary assisted dying education module is now available via the Queensland Health website

Developed in partnership with the Queensland University of Technology, this short online education module provides a general overview of the voluntary assisted dying legislation in Queensland. It has been prepared for a broad range of healthcare workers across all settings, and may also be completed by other people looking to gain an understanding of voluntary assisted dying and how it may impact their work. This is different to the mandatory training clinicians need to complete to become authorised voluntary assisted dying practitioners. 

The education module takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.  

The module covers:

  • voluntary assisted dying in context
  • an overview of the voluntary assisted dying process in Queensland
  • healthcare worker participation in voluntary assisted dying (including roles, responsibilities and obligations)
  • optional resources for further learning

Complete the education module