2023 Achievements

2023 achievements


AMA Queensland is the peak medical body representing the state's doctors. We are doctor-led and patient-centred. 

Ours is the only organisation that supports doctors from all craft groups and at all stages of their career – from medical student to senior active doctor.  

This diversity of membership means that we are uniquely positioned to: 

  • identify and address gaps and duplication across the entire health system  
  • advocate for solutions that support all doctors and patients that ultimately leads to better health outcomes for all Queenslanders. 

Add your voice to the AMA Queensland community of doctors who connect, collaborate and drive meaningful change, creating better health.  

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Snapshot of 2023 Achievements

Here is a snapshot of our achievements we’ve secured for AMA Queensland members during 2023. 

Payroll tax

Payroll tax
Amnesty until mid-2025 for practices to prepare for payroll tax for GPs on service agreements

Revised Public Ruling to clarify that payments made directly to GP by patient are not subject to payroll tax



$70,000 Queensland Health financial incentive to interstate and international doctors to move to regional Queensland extended to junior doctors, GPs and VMOs

Trial of Single Employer Model for GP registrars

Ministerial agreement that any changes in scope of practice must be evidence-based and not result in autonomous models, and future government policies to clearly differentiate between full scope and extended scope, which requires further training



Clarification received on Robina Hospital emergency department expansion

$200 million to move long-stay hospital patients into aged or disability care in the community

New Hospital Performance website with publicly-available updates on bed numbers, waiting times and elective surgery lists 

Drug law reform Drug law reform
Drug diversion program for minor possession of cannabis expanded to all illicit drugs


Received assurance from federal Health Minister that no broad punitive actions on written consent for telehealth consultations will be taken until the law is amended

New Medical Board of Australian guidelines released to clarify prescribing rules for patients with no existing relationship with telehealth doctor



New legislation to crack down on illicit cigarette sales, expanded non-smoking areas, vapes banned in non-smoking areas

Liquid nicotine to be made prescription-only and personal importation scheme to end

Vaping ad bans and improved regulation introduced to federal parliament

Education program for school aged children



Enhanced GP access to COVID-19 oral antiviral treatments for at-risk patients, with molnupiravir (sold as Lagevrio) and nirmatrelvir and ritonavir (sold as Paxlovid) through the Prescriber Bag

GPs allowed to prescribe invermectin off label after AMA submission to TGA

Maternity crisis

Maternity crisis

Partial reopening of Gladstone maternity unit

Removal of locuming restrictions on obstetricians employed by Queensland Health

Funding for 20 GPs to train as GP obstetricians, later increased to 50 GPs to train as GP obstetricians and GP anaesthetists

Digital passport to enable healthcare workers to work across different HHSs

60 day dispensing

60-day dispensing

Two-month scripts for stable patients with certain chronic conditions

Genetic testing for newborns

Genetic testing for newborns

Newborn Bloodspot Screening program expanded to include Spinal Muscular Atrophy and Severe Combined Immunodeficiency following years of AMA Queensland advocacy



Influenza vaccine made free to all Queenslanders from start of 2024 season, with clarity for GPs on how to order and be reimbursed

Meningococcal B strain vaccine to be made free in 2024 for children and older adolescents

State budget

State budget

Overall increase in health funding above inflation rate

Funding for AMA Queensland Ramping Roundtable recommendation to extend hospital transit and discharge lounge opening hours to free up ward beds for ED patients

Federal budget

Federal budget

$3.5 billion to triple bulk billing incentives

$50 million for a wounds consumables scheme in general practice

Longer GP consult items

Workforce Incentive Payment increase

Expanded telehealth access for MyMedicare-enrolled patients and practices

Funding for out-of-hospital care by GPs

Support for GPs visiting aged care facilities

New index methodology for MBS items

Private health

Private health policy

Federal Department of Health reports recommend changes to the Medicare Levy Surcharge and Premium Rebate in response to AMA calls for reform

Medicines and Medicare

Medicines and Medicare

The AMA federally intervened to ensure the 24/7 telehealth support for MS 2-Step from MSI to Healthdirect included appropriate training and support for Healthdirect nurses

MBS rebates for seven items for excisions of clinically suspected melanoma increased to align with fees for existing benign skin excision items

Medicines and Medicare

AMA Queensland Foundation

Three scholarships awarded to medical students in need

More than $150,000 raised

Aged care

Aged care

Plans to privatise Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACATs) scrapped following AMA advocacy

Dementia action plan no longer recommends additional training for GPs or MBS items to be accessible only to GPs with a sub-specialisation in dementia

Industrial relations

Industrial relations

MOCA 6 successfully negotiated and backdated

10 QIRC appearances

More than 17,000 member engagements, more than 500 stakeholder meetings

Events and hospital visits

Events and hospital visits

More than 50 face-to-face events, more than 2,200 attendees

9 online events, 534 attendees

Workplace Relations

Workplace relations

214 new employment contacts

815 member engagements

Bang for your buck icon

Bang for your membership buck 

Added 1,500 extra exclusive deals and discounts to the list of membership benefits

Arranged online and face-to-face events with opportunities to gain free advice from corporate partners.

Gave members access to industry and government updates as they happened – and often before. 

Provided free, timely resources to help members navigate the ever-changing healthcare sector

Media voice

Powerful media voice

> 1,153 media mentions. 

> 67.2M accumulated audience. 

Ensured our members’ voices were heard nationally, locally and in the workplace. 

Influenced governments and led the conversation: 

Strong member engagement

Strong member engagement 

>9,000 touchpoints providing help and information for our members. 

Established more opportunities to represent your colleagues and profession:

  • Sustainability Working Group
  • LGBTQIA+ Advisory Group 

Resolved industrial matters for individual members - ASMOFQ:

  • overtime, allowance and penalty underpayments 
  • MOCA and Medical Officers’ Award interpretations
  • unfair reprimands and show-cause notices.  

Hosted more than 2,753 attendees at more than 30 memorable events for all members: 

  • Women in Medicine 
  • private practices 
  • regional members 
  • junior doctors 
  • interns 
  • medical students 
  • senior active doctors 
  • networking opportunities  

Celebrated the achievements of our members: 

  • Dinner for the Profession 
  • Member Milestones 
  • Australia Day honours 
  • Doctor Q  
  • Meet a Member Monday

9 online events, 534 attendees

Mental health and wellbeing

Focus on mental health and wellbeing 

New laws to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers by making Hospitals and Health Services (HHSs) and their boards responsible for staff wellbeing and for promoting cultures that support health, safety and wellbeing passed Queensland parliament in April.

Hosted Treating Doctors with Mental Health Challenges webinar


Fought for your safety 

Conducted the eighth Resident Hospital Health Check, evaluating employment conditions and wellbeing among doctors in training across Queensland.  

Workplace Relations

Workplace relations expertise 

Helped members with workplace relations information and guidance more than 1,000 times. 

Took our business-enhancing Private Practice Series to members across regional Queensland. 

Ran free webinars supporting practice owners with financial, legal and best-practice advice.  

Hosted webinars on emerging threats to the sector: 

  • payroll tax 
  • employment issues in practices
  • creative recruitment
  • managing change   


Industrial relations

Industrial relations wins

Negotiated and backdated Medical Officers' Certified Agreement 6 (MOCA 6) and Mater SMO throughout the year to protect your pay and conditions 

Took your concerns to Queensland Industrial Relations Commission

10 Queensland Industrial Relations Commission appearances

More than 17,000 member engagements

More than 500 stakeholder meetings

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