Doctors' Health in Queensland (DHQ)

Doctors' Health in Queensland (DHQ) provides an independent, confidential, colleague to colleague support service for Queensland doctors and medical students. QDHP was established as the service arm of the Doctors' Health in Queensland (DHQ) in 2016.

Building on DHASQ’s compassionate care for colleagues since the 1980s, DHQ provides a 24/7 helpline for doctors and medical students, offering advice on health issues, including stress and mental health difficulties, physical health and personal crises. Doctors experience the same wide range of health-related issues as others in the community, as well as conditions specifically related to the stresses of professional practice.

As a service for doctors by doctors, we understand the issues that doctors face, working together to develop strategies to address these, and when needed, confidentially redirect them to trusted specialist support to help get back on track.

The core vision of the DHQ is:

“Queensland medical practitioners and medical students will be supported to achieve optimal health and wellbeing throughout their careers”

DHQ provides tailored education of doctors and medical students to enhance their personal wellbeing strategies and to enable doctors to deliver high quality of health care to their colleagues.

DHQ continues to champion the importance of supporting doctors’ health by engaging with key stakeholders in Queensland to identify innovative solutions across the spectrum of health service organisations.