Doctor in Training

4 May 2015

The AMA (ACT) recognises the needs of the doctor in training workforce and to this end, has a dedicated position on the AMA (ACT) Advisory Council for a representative of a doctor in training.

Doctors in training are also represented on the AMA’s Federal Council, the peak body for the medical profession in Australia.
Position statements affecting doctors in training are available on the Federal AMA’s website

AMA (ACT) encourages all Doctors-in-Training to have a GP and will facilitate this if required.  AMA (ACT) has a list of GPs prepared to care for junior colleagues and should a Doctor-in-Training require a colleague to discuss personal or professional difficulties, the Doctors’ Health Advisory Service is available 24/7 - 02 9437 6552.
The AMA (ACT) regularly provides opportunities for Doctors-in-Training to meet at Canberra Hospital at the JMO lounge level 7. The AMA has, and will continue to provide, interesting speakers for junior doctors on matters of interest or concern.
The AMA is the voice of the profession - and encourages all Doctors-in-Training to be involved in the future of their profession and professional organisation.