Council and Committees

Councils and Committees representing the views of AMA (ACT) members.

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council members are elected biennially from the membership's special interest groups. The role of the Council is to provide a forum for policy development and policy review and to provide advice to the Board on policy matters. The Council is made up of the craft groups and a medical student elected to the Council from and by the ANU (Australian National University) Medical School students.

The current council members are:

  • Dr Rashmi Sharma - Chair
  • Prof. Stephen Robson
  • Dr Antonio Di Dio
  • Dr Elizabeth Gallagher
  • Dr David Tridgell
  • Dr Kyung Park
  • Dr Mark Healsmith
  • Dr Michael Rosier
  • Dr Wayne Chou
  • Dr Suzanne Davey
  • Dr Rebeka Stepto 


Committee convenors can co-opt members to the committee to consider specific issues and to make recommendations to the next convenient meeting of council (or executive).

Members wishing to be involved in the affairs of their association are invited to nominate for committee membership and should contact the executive officer, Peter Somerville via email at

List of AMA ACT Committees

  • Visiting Medical Officers Committee
  • Tobacco Taskforce
  • General Practice Forum
  • Canberra Doctor Editorial Committee
  • Council of Doctors in Training (ACT)