About the AMA (ACT)

Get to know the AMA (ACT) - the peak professional body for doctors in Canberra.

The AMA exists to...

  • promote and advance ethical behaviour by the medical profession and protect the integrity and independence of the doctor/patient relationship;

  • promote and advance public health;

  • protect the academic, professional and economic independence and the well being of medical practitioners; and

  • preserve and protect the political, legal and industrial interests of medical practitioners

Ethics and Standards

The association is heavily involved in the maintenance of high ethical and professional standards and the quality of medical care through the application of a “Code of Ethics", encouragement of peer review, hospital accreditation and delineation of the clinical privileges of working doctors in hospitals. These self-regulatory mechanisms provide public accountability and ensure the quality of care without government control.

Core Business

To support, promote and advocate for the medical profession in the ACT. 


To provide strong, innovative leadership through advocacy and support for the medical profession..

Our Goals

  • A robust health system
  • Leadership and representation
  • Services and support