A New Approach to Mental Health Care Reform in the ACT

A New Approach to Mental Health Care Reform in the ACT



About the project

Recognising that the ACT mental illness care system was not meeting the needs of people experiencing mental illness, particularly those in the Deep End, nor the needs of the practitioners who were working with people experiencing mental illness, Deep End Canberra with support and assistance from the AMA ACT Branch and Capital Health Network undertook in 2003 a survey and series of workshops to stimulate change.

The project mission is to co-create a patient centred, coordinated primary and secondary care, compassionate, respectful public mental health service in the ACT.


Click the links below to view the PDF:

The Primary Care Practitioner Survey Report

Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 Introductory Presentations

The full report of the Phase One process which summarises the outputs of this process

The prioritised Recommendations from the process


You can contact Deepend Canberra at deependcanberra@gmail.com.



Deepend Canberra

Deep End Canberra started in 2016 as a collegiate network of practitioners for mutual support and to advocate for the needs of our patients.

Members work with vulnerable and disadvantaged people in the ACT and include GPs, Nurse Practitioners, Psychiatrists and other Allied Health Care Workers, who are all providing care in both mainstream and specialist primary care settings.

Deep End Canberra members care for vulnerable and at-risk youth, refugees and asylum seekers, people with a disability, people experiencing domestic violence, homelessness and drug dependency, LGBTIQA+ populations, and people in the criminal justice system. Deep End Canberra also has links to academic medical researchers in the field.