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The AMA (ACT) has introduced a new rewards program called ‘Member get a Member’. As a current Member you will receive a discount on your membership rates for 2021 if you refer a new member or members join the AMA (ACT).

How much discount will I receive?

If you refer 1 new Member to the AMA (ACT) you will receive a 25% discount on your 2021 membership. You will receive an additional 25% off your membership rates for each new member you refer (up to a maximum of 4). Receive 25% discount on next year’s Membership for each new Member your refer (i.e. 25% if you refer 1 new Member, 50% if you refer 2 new Members, 75% if you refer 3 new Members, and 100% if you refer 4 new Members).

How do I refer a colleague?

Call, email or text a colleague who is not an AMA (ACT) Member and tell them to join today! When they join online remind them to include your full name in the referral box.

The rules

  1. Discounts will be applied to your 2021 membership rate.
  2. This program is open to fee-paying Members only.
  3. The colleague(s) you refer must join the AMA (ACT).
  4. The colleague(s) you refer must not have been a previous AMA (ACT) member.


If you have any questions about the "Member get a Member" program or any other membership inquiries, feel free to contact our Membership team or (02) 6270 5410.