AMA(SA) explains doctors' health spending priorities

AMA(SA) has provided its priorities for State Budget funding, and explained its reasons for those priorities, before and since the Budget was handed down on 6 June.

The 'code yellow' emergencies that indicate hospitals are at capacity and that have cancelled essential surgeries ensured there was intense scrutiny on health spending in the Budget.

AMA(SA) priorities for State Budget spending on health focused on measures to 'connect the dots' in the delivery of primary and hospital care, reduce the inequities in access to care, and alleviate the pressures on the hospital system.

President Dr John Williams summarised the priorities in a document below.

In media leading to and on Budget Day, Dr Williams emphasised how investment in primary care is the most cost-efficient way to keep people out of hospital.

He said the provision of hospital beds was important to boost capacity, but questioned where the State Government would find the health workforce to staff the beds. 

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