Groups and Committees

Committees and Groups representing the views of AMA (SA) members.



The AMA(SA) Councils convenes a number of committees to deal with issues that affect particular groups of members or policies.

Doctors-in-Training Committee

The AMA(SA) Doctors-in-Training Committee (AMA(SA) DiT Committee) aims to identify and act on matters affecting the professional and personal lives of junior doctor members. It makes recommendations on AMA(SA) policies and actions to improve the wellbeing of trainee doctors. The term “doctors-in-training” refers to Interns, Resident Medical Officers and Registrars, including those who are undertaking a postgraduate vocational training program leading to the award of a Fellowship from one of the medical Colleges. The AMA(SA) DiT Committee also considers matters affecting medical students who are associate members of the AMA(SA) via the medical student society representatives who sit on the committee.

Chair: Dr Hayden Cain

Road Safety Committee

The AMA(SA) Road Safety Committee (AMA(SA) RSC Committee) is tasked with identifying and acting on matters related to road safety, trauma, medical assessment for driving and providing road safety advocacy. The committee also considers matters involving injury and trauma associated with vehicle accidents on South Australian roads. The committee has links with the Royal Australasian College of Road Safety and the Royal Australian College of Surgeons (SA).

Chair: Dr Monika Moy

Committee of General Practice

The AMA(SA) Committee of General Practice (AMA(SA) CGP) deals with matters affecting the professional and personal lives of General Practitioners ( including GP trainees). The committee provides advice and makes recommendations to the AMA(SA) State Council on policy decisions, GP initiatives and reforms to promote

proper recognition, remuneration and integration of general practice.

Chair: Dr Bridget Sawyer

History Committee

The AMA(SA) History committee is tasked with preserving the history of the AMA(SA) for the benefit of the medical community and in the public interest.

Chair: Dr Tom Turner

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