Return to Treating Doctors Report not the way to support DSP applicants

The AMA has provided a submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Community Affairs - Inquiry into the Disability Support Pension (DSP).

The submission was made in response to a request from the Committee for comment on the proposal for a re-introduction of the DSP Treating Doctors Report. 

The AMA submission opposed the proposal and highlighted the need for clearer and better funding mechanisms to support GPs in compiling/and or summarising the medical evidence to support a patient's DSP claim. The AMA submission also called for: 

  • Amendments to MBS consultation items to make it clear that they can be claimed for completing any report required to help a patient to obtain a government benefit, regardless of whether the patient is present or not; 

  • Accredited education to enhance GP’s awareness of and use of Disability Impairment Tables in providing medical evidence to support a DSP claim 

  • Modifications to the DSP requirement for a condition/disability to be fully diagnosed, fully treated and full stabilised to better account for patients with a progressive, episodic, or fluctuating condition; 

  • Removal of the requirement for a GP mental health diagnosis to be corroborated by psychiatrist or clinical psychologist; and 

  • Clarification of the remuneration available to GPs when further information is sought by Job Capacity Assessors or Government Contracted Doctors. 

Read submission here 

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