Councils, Committees, and Working Groups 

Councils, Committees, and Working  Groups representing the views of AMA members.

AMA Councils

AMA Councils are responsible for the development of AMA policy and for ensuring the implementation of that policy.  

The AMA has five Councils:

Council of General Practice (CGP)  

The AMA Council of General Practice reflects the views of the AMA’s general practice members, including GP trainees. The Council develops policy focusing on general practice being properly recognised, remunerated, and integrated into the Australian healthcare system.

Council of Doctors in Training (CDT)  

The AMA Council of Doctors in Training (CDT) represents the views and concerns of the AMA’s doctors in training members regarding professional and workplace issues. CDT reviews and develops policy on the implications for doctors in training of legislation and government policies.

Council of Private Specialist Practice (CPSP)  

The AMA Council of Private Specialist Practice (CPSP) represents the views of medical practitioners working in private specialist practice.  CPSP develops and reviews existing policy on relevant issues affecting the delivery of medical services in private specialist practice and the operation of private specialist practice. The Council works closely with external organisations associated with the delivery of medical services in private specialist practice. 

Council of Public Hospital Doctors (CPHD)  

The AMA Council of Public Hospital Doctors (CPHD) represents the views and concerns of the AMA’s public hospital doctor members regarding professional, industrial, and workplace issues. CPHD looks at the implications for salaried doctors of legislation and government policies affecting salaried doctors issues. 

Council of Rural Doctors (CRD)  

The AMA Council of Rural Doctors develops new, and revises existing, policy on issues that relate to the delivery of health services and remote medical and workforce issues in regional, rural, and remote areas of Australia.

Committees, taskforces, working groups

Ethics and Medico-Legal Committee 
Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee 
Fees List Committee
Funding and Health System Reform Committee 
Medical Practice Committee 
Medical Workforce Committee 
Mental Health Committee 
Public Health Committee 
Taskforce on Indigenous Health