Important upgrades to improve the security of your clinical information systems

14 Oct 2021

Services Australia is upgrading its digital health and aged care channels to web services technology.

They are also strengthening the authentication process between health provider organisations and the agency for online claiming.  

From 13 March 2022, general practices will need to upgrade clinical software to web services to access any of the following channels:

  • Medicare Online 
  • Australian Immunisation Register 
  • Department of Veterans’ Affairs 
  • PBS Online 
  • Aged Care Online

If you use a Medicare Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) site certificate to authenticate to any of the channels above, you may need to register your organisation in Provider Digital Access (PRODA). PRODA will help you do your electronic business with the agency securely.  

These upgrades may affect health provider businesses differently. To find out how you will be impacted, contact your software provider to find out how they are managing your transition to upgrade clinical software to web services and when your clinical software will be upgraded to web services. Services Australia have been communicating with software providers since 2018 to prepare for this change.

The software upgrade may vary according to your version of the clinical software used.

While your software provider continues to upgrade your clinical software to web services, you may need to register your healthcare business as an organisation in PRODA.  

Contact your software developer now to confirm if you need to register your organisation in PRODA. You can set up your organisation to best reflect your business structure. Once a PRODA organisation is set up, you can link your PRODA to the digital health channels you need to access.

If you need assistance contacting the software developer visit and select How to find a software developer.

To access the web services eKit and factsheets to help you prepare for the change to web services and PRODA, visit the above page and select How to prepare for web services.

If you have any questions about the upgrade to web services, please contact