Health Provider Compliance Strategy 2021–22

16 Sep 2021

GPs may wish to become familiar with the Health Provider Compliance Strategy, which was recently released by the Department of Health.  

The Health Provider Compliance Strategy aims to help health providers understand their responsibilities in relation to compliance. It outlines the Department's compliance priorities for the 2021-22 financial year and describes the tools and methods used to identify and treat non-compliance. 

The Strategy also outlines educational and supporting resources that GPs can use for information on health payment programs compliance and enforcement for practitioners, including a module from the AMA’s Doctorportal Learning – Medicare Billing Compliance.  

This introductory module provides medical professionals with information on: 

  • the role of compliance in the Medicare system 
  • relevant regulations and legislation 
  • obligations with regards to claiming under Medicare 
  • processes and procedures should an incorrect claim be identified.  

Read the Health Provider Compliance Strategy 2021-22 here.