Drs mental health support available 24/7, 365 days a year

6 Aug 2020

Doctors and medical students around Australia now have access to free, confidential telehealth mental health services through the new Drs4Drs Support Service, which has been established by Doctors’ Health Services Limited (DrHS).

The Drs4Drs Support Service uses qualified mental health professionals who are experienced in working with medical professionals and who understand that a variety of factors can contribute to poor mental health including workplace and training issues, relationship problems, conflict management, financial problems, legal problems and lifestyle issues.

Accessing the Drs4Drs Support Service is simple. Doctors and medical students can call 1300 374 377 (1300 DR4 DRS) or visit Drs4Drs.com.au - a national one-stop-shop for wellness and support resources for the medical profession.

DrHS does not receive any information that could identify anyone using this service, as we appreciate patient privacy is paramount, and we provide the option of anonymity.

DrHS is a subsidiary of the AMA, with the Drs4Drs Support Service being funded by a grant from the Federal Department of Health, allowing participants to have up to three free telehealth counselling sessions.