Mobile phone app - PTSD Coach Australia

14 Nov 2013

PTSD Coach Australia is a mobile app developed by the Departments of Veterans' Affairs and Defence to support serving and ex serving Australian Defence Force personnel experiencing posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD). The app seeks to meet the needs of younger veterans, giving them greater capacity to support their own recovery.

Mental health practitioners are using PTSD Coach Australia in conjunction with traditional treatment for trauma. They use the app to record real time assessments based on the PCL and provide necessary skills training including basic psychoeducation, replacing workbooks, audio etc. Subsyndromal problems can be addressed as can intermittent symptoms. Patients can receive reminders to attend appointments, rehearse skills and coping behaviours, or self-assess between sessions. Assessment results can also be emailed to a health clinician to allow for monitoring between consultations.

As a health professional treating serving or ex serving personnel for PTSD, you can:

  • Watch the video of Clinical Psychologist Dr Liam Connor discussing the app and how he uses it with his patients. 
  • Download the app and become familiar with its functionality. The app is free from the App Store for Apple devices and Google Play for android devices. 
  • Download the clinician’s guide to find information on how to integrate PTSD Coach Australia into your client's care.
  • Recommend it to your patients where clinically appropriate.
  • Give feedback to DVA and Defence to improve the app. Send your feedback to PTSD Coach Australia.

For more information contact the team at