Information for GPs about COVID-19 consultations

20 Feb 2020

The AMA is aware that patients quarantined for COVID-19 will soon be free to return to the community after receiving clearance from a GP that they appear to be symptom free.

A Medicare rebate may be available where a certificate is completed as part of a clinically relevant consultation where the requirements of the MBS item are met.  When undertaken with any form of patient history taking and/or the other clinically relevant activities the certificate can form part of a consultation.  The item that can be billed is the one with the time period that matches the total consultation time (e.g. Level B or Level C).

Therefore, for patients who are attending a GP after their quarantine period to confirm they are healthy, the item charged will be dependent on the length of the consultation; that contemporaneous records are kept that the purpose of the consultation; and that the consultation was to determine they are healthy after the  quarantine period has been served.

The Commonwealth does not regard such a consult ‘“to return to a specific role or to specific duties” as we do in W/C cases (which are not rebateable), but that the patient is healthy and clear of any coronavirus symptoms.