Member-only webinar hears of need to tackle sugar

20 Nov 2020

AMA members took part in a webinar with Australian of the Year, Dr James Muecke, Australian New Zealand Obesity President, Jane Martin, and Dr Khorshid on how to tackle the rise of type 2 diabetes in Australia. 

Dr Muecke told the webinar that 4000 amputations are performed every year in Australia due to type 2 diabetes, and that 5000 deaths in March to June this year were due to diabetes, compared with just over 100 for COVID-19. 

“Humans are hardwired to love and seek out sweet things,” Dr Muecke said. 

“Prior to the 1600s, sugar was an expensive commodity. It was the domain of healers and holy men, and an indulgence that could only be afforded by the wealthy and powerful. 

“These days, sugar is cheap, and absolutely everywhere in our lives.” 

You can watch the webinar in full here