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Liberal Party's anti-vaccine doctor selection is a misstep

AMA Tasmania is highly concerned about the message the Liberal Party is sending to Tasmanians when it pre-selects a doctor whose anti-vaccine opinions are dangerous and misleading.

AMA Tasmania Vice President Dr Annette Barratt said today, "the Tasmanian community looks to their leaders for accurate information supported by qualified experts and rightly so.

"Doctors have an even higher standing in the eyes of the community when talking about health matters. With that privilege comes a responsibility to be careful about what you say and ensure your medical opinions are based on peer-reviewed evidence.

"COVID vaccines have saved lives and continue to do so.

"It is critical that the public follow the advice of the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) regarding vaccination.

"The Gutwein/Rockliff Government was rightly commended for how they handled the Covid-19 crisis, which included mandating Covid vaccinations for many staff working with vulnerable people in hospitals, general practices, schools, aged care facilities and disability homes.

"It is untenable for any government trying to urge Tasmanians to follow the best clinical advice and vaccinate to have one of its own undermining that message."

Dr. Barratt said there are rigorous safety protocols surrounding vaccines, highlighting the extensive scrutiny and research behind their development. With overwhelming evidence supporting vaccine safety and effectiveness in preventing loss of life.

"COVID-19 vaccinations are safe and save lives. They are closely monitored in the most significant global vaccine rollout in history.

Evidence from the more than 13 billion vaccine doses given worldwide shows that COVID-19 vaccines have a very good safety profile in all age groups. The benefits of the approved vaccines far outweigh the possible risks. (ICRMA Statement on the Safety of COVID-19 Vaccines)

"Doctors, government and political leaders are collectively responsible for protecting communities by promoting vaccination and combating misinformation."

AMA Tasmania always urges the public to seek reliable information from reputable sources and to consult healthcare professionals for guidance. >>ENDS


ICMRA Statement on the Safety of Covid-19 vaccines”

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