AMA calls for no new fossil fuel projects, no fossil fuel money in politics

This week we released a position statement calling on Australian governments to do everything possible to mitigate the effects of climate change including an end to the approval of any new fossil fuel projects.

Our One Health position statement, released ahead of the United Nations Conference of Parties meeting on climate change, calls for an end to new fossil fuel projects, an end to donations from the fossil fuel industry to political parties, and for fossil fuel subsidies to be transitioned to renewable energy.

In a media statement, AMA President Professor Steve Robson said detrimental health outcomes are already occurring because of climate change and more devastating health impacts will occur if more is not done to tackle the rise in temperatures.

“The AMA recognises climate change is a health emergency, with clear scientific evidence indicating severe impacts for humanity right now, and worsening into the future,” Professor Robson said.

“It is imperative that governments protect the health of all Australians. Only recently we’ve seen reports that the federal government is falling behind in reaching its target.

One Health is a concept that recognises that human, animal, and environmental health are inextricably linked. The AMA’s position statement also calls for the planned Australian Centre for Disease Control (CDC) to adopt a One Health approach to protect environmental, animal, and human health.

Professor Robson said a multidisciplinary approach was needed to tackle the massive challenge of protecting Australians’ health from climate change.

“The health of Australia’s population is put at risk by extreme climate events like fires and floods, but it’s vital we look at other threats, including biodiversity loss, food and water security, and the looming threat of antimicrobial resistance,” he said. 

Professor Robson recently interviewed Professor Hilary Bambrick (ANU Director, National Centre for Epidemiology and Population Health) on his Doctorama podcast in which these issues were discussed at length.

Read the AMA’s One Health position statement

Listen to Professor Robson’s Doctorama podcast

Doctorama is also available to stream on all major podcast platforms.

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