Annual General Meeting of AMA Members

Proposed changes to constitution to ensure a sustainable AMA.

Federal AMA has been working with AMA Tasmania on whether it is possible for Tasmania to become a branch of the AMA, rather than a separate legal entity. In a recent plebiscite of members in Tasmania, ninety six percent of those who participated voted in favour of this change. Ultimately, of course, this is a decision for our members. For more, see the following documents relating to this change: 

You can find all the information about attending the AGM and voting in the formal notice. The AGM will be held on 22 May at 7.30pm AEST via a Zoom webinar, please remember to register in advance. 

You can complete and submit proxy forms using ElectionBuddy, an electronic voting system, or via the online form available from: 

Members with mobile phone contact details and email addresses will receive notification from ElectionBuddy with instructions. Full details on voting are available on the formal notice for the AGM. 


Hear from AMA President Professor Steve Robson on the AGM and proposed constitutional change