Revisit the AMA’s Vision for Australia’s Health webinar

The AMA’s second webinar for 2024 was held this week with a focus on the AMA’s priorities for 2024 and beyond.

AMA President Professor Steve Robson and AMA Vice President Dr Danielle McMullen hosted a webinar this week outlining the AMA’s priorities for Australia’s health.

AMA members were invited to submit questions during and ahead of the event and the second half of the webinar was dedicated to the Q+A session with topics including preventive health, managed care, workforce shortages and Aphra notifications.

The next webinar for 2024 will be held on 26th March with an in-depth discussion on the topic of Ahpra notifications, with officials from Ahpra joining the event to answer AMA members’ questions. Keep an eye out on upcoming Rounds editions for more information.


Watch the webinar

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