AMA Diversity and Inclusion Plan 2020-2022

The AMA is proud to release its first Diversity and Inclusion Plan. The plan covers the next two years, and outlines detailed aims and actions that will be taken by the organisation to enhance diversity and inclusion among the AMA membership, in AMA representative positions, and in the wider medical community.  

This first two-year plan focusses on gender equity and also seeks to promote a culture of inclusion for other diversity groups (for example in relation to ethnicity, disability, and sexual orientation), with the aim of delving further into these areas in future plans.  

The Plan outlines three key areas that the AMA will explore over the next two years – leading on advocacy; recognising and valuing our members; and strengthening our AMA community 

Underneath these three pillars are a number of specific measures that the AMA is committed to take over the next two years – such as lobbying governments for equitable access to leave entitlements; actively promoting opportunities for involvement in AMA representation; and surveying the membership on their perceptions of diversity and inclusion at the AMA.  

Action 3.1 under the Plan, “collect data and report on representation of women on AMA Boards, Councils and Committees, and as National Conference speakers”, has been the focus of recent work, with the AMA’s Diversity Report – Gender – 2019, also released today, constituting the first public-facing measurement of gender representation at the AMA since gender equity targets were agreed to. 

Progress against each action in the Plan will be tracked by the AMA’s Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Committee and reported to the AMA Board and the AMA Federal Council regularly.  

While there is much room for improvement in diversity and inclusion at the AMA, the AMA believes that recognising our current context, setting a clear path forward, and engaging sensitively and productively with our members sets us in good stead to develop a more inclusive, accepting and equitable organisation.    

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