AMA submission to the AMC Review of accreditation standards for specialist medical programs

4 Jun 2015
The AMA has made a submisison to the Australian Medical Council (AMC) on the revised accreditation standards for specialist medical programs and continuing professional development programs. The AMA strongly supports of the role of the AMC in ensuring the quality of medical education and training in Australia so that our medical workforce continues to deliver high quality medical care for patients.
At the 2015 AMA Trainee Forum held in February, trainee chairs and representatives identified three priorities for advocacy and further action in relation to their training. These were:
  1. Providing access to wellbeing and support services, and safe working environments.
  2. Maintaining work-life balance and having access to flexible, part-time work arrangements.
  3. Securing jobs for new fellows, particularly in the public sector, and addressing the maldistribution of trainees and fellows.
This feedback, and further discussion at the AMA Sexual harassment roundtable in April, has informed our response.
The AMA's submission focuses on: 
  • Trainee wellbeing, including bullying and harassment
  • Flexible work opportunities
  • Selection into training
  • Workforce