AMA submission to Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications Inquiry into current and future impacts of climate change on housing, buildings and infrastructure

The AMA has provided a submission to the Senate Standing Committees on Environment and Communications’ Inquiry into current and future impacts of climate change on housing, buildings and infrastructure.

The AMA has significant concerns regarding the preparedness of the healthcare system to withstand the challenges of increasingly common and severe extreme weather events. Australia’s healthcare system is one of the most effective and accessible in the developed world. The success of the health system is both a source of pride and comfort to the millions of Australians which it serves, but is not without vulnerabilities. To ensure that future generations of Australians continue to be provided world class care, significant funding and preparedness planning is required to overcome the challenges that climate change presents.

The AMA reiterates the need for a National Strategy for Health and Climate Change that brings together regional and national collaboration across all sectors, including a comprehensive and broad reaching adaptation plan to reduce the health impacts of climate change.

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