AMA submission in response to Pain Management Clinical Committee Report

AMA provided a submission to the MBS Review Pain Management Clinical Committee Report. The submission lists key issues raised by the AMA’s members, Councillors and other professional bodies.

Given the multidisciplinary nature of pain, AMA urged the Pain Management Clinical Committee to undertake continuing consultation with a wide range of medical practitioners before any final decision on the structure of MBS pain medicine items is decided. AMA called for better access to multidisciplinary care for chronic pain management and emphasized the role of GPs in providing patients with coordinated access to services based on clinical need.

AMA submission highlights the need for broader coordination of the Pain Management Clinical Committee work with other MBS review committees and warns against introduction of new accreditation requirements for GPs and other health professionals. AMA reiterated the importance of telehealth for patients and medical practitioners as well as the ability to share medical records through already established systems such as My Health Record.

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