AMA Submission in response to the Allied Health Reference Group Report

8 May 2019

The AMA in responding to the Allied Health Reference Group (AHRG) has made it clear it wants to see the centrality of GP care and the continuity and coordination of patient care enhanced and well supported. The AMA is suppportive of a medical home model of care, and believes this should be the access point for more enhanced access to allied health services and that those services should be coordinated at general practice level. The AMA does not see MBS items as solution to all of the problems raised in the AHRG Report and has advised where it believes alternative funding mechanisms would be more appropriate.

The AMA in its response supports:

  • the introduction of a comprehensive assessment item for when the allied health professional first sees the patient,
  • stratified access to AHS based on the complexity of care requirements,
  • enhanced access to group therapy within the M10 treatment items,
  • gaining an improved understanding of the benefits of allied health group sessions, enhancing GP referral for pervasive development disorders to facilitate more timely access to diagnosis and treatment, improved access to allied health via telehealth,
  • exploring alternate funding models to best fund integrated health care, and
  • enhanced communication between patients and their health care team.