AMA Submission - MBS Review clinical committee reports on Gynaecology, Breast Imaging and Nuclear Medicine

29 Oct 2018

In October 2018, the AMA President, Dr Tony Bartone, wrote to the Chair of the MBS Review Taskforce, Prof Bruce Robinson to provide feedback on the reports from the gynaecology, nuclear medicine and breast imaging MBS Review clinical committees that were received as part of the MBS Review Taskforce’s targeted consultation. 

The main issues raised in the submission related to the gynaecology review and the following were discussed:

  • Inadequate profession engagement
  • Time based item descriptors – perverse incentive and unintended consequences
  • Additional auditing provisions – onerous and unnecessary
  • Item restructure – simplification and streamlining are required
  • Recommendation 19, Item Number 35750 – disagree with recommendations

In this submission, the AMA also provided broad observations on the MBS Review including concerns regarding operation of committees, as well as inadequate communication and consultation and the removal of the reports from the public website.