AMA submission to the Joint Parliamentary Committee on Law Enforcement – Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine

11 Jun 2015

The AMA is very concerned about the health impacts crystal methamphetamine has on users, their families, and the health system.  It is important that there is some focus on issues such as the manufacturing and importation of crystal methamphetamine, and its precursors, as part of efforts to reduce supply.  However, we must tackle the ‘Ice’ problem on all fronts. Crystal methamphetamine-induced psychosis is of particular concern to the medical profession given its severe impacts on emergency departments, psychiatric units and general practices across Australia.  Severely affected patients are dangerous, unpredictable and often require restraint, sedation, prolonged observation and admission.  There is a critical need for harm reduction approaches and education to reduce the number of people being introduced to crystal methamphetamine, and comprehensive community based addiction support services.