AMA Submission to the Department of Health Consultation: Colonoscopy - Government response to MBS Review

1 Aug 2018

In May 2018, the AMA responded to the MBS Review Taskforce’s Gastroenterology Clinical Committee consultation, on proposed changes to colonoscopy MBS items.

The Department of Health has advised that the MBS items for colonoscopy 32090 and 32093 will be replaced by 20 new MBS items that better describe the indications for initial colonoscopy and ensure appropriate surveillance intervals of patients at increased risk of developing colorectal cancer. Also, claiming restrictions will apply with other colonoscopy services (same day, same patient, same practitioner).

Please note that the 1 March 2018 commencement date for new MBS colonoscopy items is now delayed due to the anticipated release of the NHMRC Clinical Guidelines for Surveillance Colonoscopy in late 2018. The Department of Health advises that existing MBS items (32090 and 32093) should be used until further notice. This will ensure patients continue to have access to Medicare-funded colonoscopy services.

Further information on the Government’s proposed changes to colonoscopy items and advice on anticipated implementation timeframes can be found at

The AMA consulted on the proposed colonoscopy changes with AMA’s Medical Practice Committee and key craft group representatives, in its submission to the Department.