AMA Submission on Clinical Quality Registries - A National Strategy

25 Jun 2019

The AMA tends to agree there is merit in the idea of establishing a system to broaden the range of clinical quality registries (CQR)  and participation in them.  A national framework to create a consistent standard of CQR in Australia has the potential to be a positive development.  A well designed CQR is widely recognised as a powerful tool to improve the quality and effectiveness of patient care within a clinical domain.  But, when designing a national Strategy to broaden the reach and positive impact of CQRs – it is vital to protect the common element that determines the success of any CQR – the confidence of the clinicians.  No clinician should change their practices if they have genuine doubt about the validity and reliability of the clinical indicators, the benchmark methodology and benchmarked data feedback.  Great care is required to ensure the design parameters outlined in the Clinical Quality Registries – A National Strategy – inspire clinician participation.  The AMA considers the Strategy needs more work.  See our submission for a full summary of the issues.