AMA response to Strategic Framework of National Diabetes Strategy

18 May 2015

The AMA has provided feedback on the draft Strategic Framework for Action which was presented in the Consultation Paper for the development of the Australian National Diabetes Strategy prepared by the National Diabetes Strategic Advisory Group (NDSAG), a committee appointed by the Australian Government.

The AMA response highlights:

  • the important role played by GPs in helping to reduce patient's risks for diabetes, in its early identificication and effective management;
  • how GPs could be better supported in this role;
  • strategies for reducing the impact of diabetes in ATSI peoples 
  • the importance of quality data
  • priority focus areas for research
  • the role Primary Health Networks could play in streamiling care pathways

 A copy of the consultation paper can be downloaded from: Summary of the Strategic Framework for Action appears on page 7 of the consultation paper.