AMA submission on amendments to the GP Training Draft Outcomes Framework

The AMA provided feedback to the Department of Health on amendments to the GP Training Draft Outcomes Framework made since the last round of consultations with stakeholders.

The AMA endorsed the changes, many of which focused on increasing support for GP supervisors to ensure registrars receive high-quality training from well-resourced and supported supervisors in a stable practice environment. The AMA also welcomed the inclusion of remediation pathways and support for registrars and supervisors that are experiencing difficulties, and the goal of increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GP registrars.

The AMA reiterated that while the GP Training Draft Outcomes Framework provides a strong foundation for the future of high-quality general practice training, there is still a need for a change in the employement arrangements for GP registrars, such as a single employer model, and more prevocational exposure to general practice to address the longstanding issues on the declining GP registrar workforce.


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