Position Statement

Rural training pathways for specialists 2020

The purpose of this position statement is to promote sustainable rural specialist training pathways. To achieve this, the current barriers for accreditation of prevocational and vocational training posts in rural and regional areas must be identified and addressed. The ideal outcome is increased training of doctors with skills specific to the unique requirements of remote and rural areas and increased retention of non-GP specialists outside of metropolitan centres.

The AMA acknowledges that some Colleges have formulated their own strategies for developing and implementing rural training pathways. However, there are still significant barriers for many more trainees. 

Key principles of the position statement are:

  • Ensuring quality and safety;
  • Moving to competency based training rather than time-based training;
  • Developing clinical mentoring networks;
  • Introducing flexible assessment;
  • Utilising technology to guarantee adequate supervision;
  • Funding positions appropriately; and
  • Using data effectively.


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