Pre-internships in medical school - 2017

4 Apr 2017

The transition from medical school to practising doctor is a stressful and uncertain period for many graduates. This transition is an important first step in the early career development of prevocational doctors. 

The following elements are important in providing for an effective transition:

  • Student to intern transition courses should be clinically oriented, address relevant skills, use experiential learning and focus on practical tasks.
  • Early meaningful, sustained and carefully structured patient contact in undergraduate education will support a better transition to real work as a doctor.
  • Medical school curricula should strive to provide cumulative exposure to clinical environments in the undergraduate curriculum, culminating in opportunities for the student to act up as an intern in the final year. 
  • Better collaboration and coordination between medical schools and teaching hospitals will assist in reducing the stress and improving the transition from medical student to doctor.


The revised AMA Position Statement on Pre-internships in medical school - 2017 reflects those principles.

The AMACDT believes that medical schools should continue to be responsible for ensuring graduates are ready to transition into the hospital environment, with hospitals providing the other necessary knowledge and orientation at the commencement of internship.