Position Statement

Health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students - 2020

The AMA Position Statement on Health and Wellbeing of Doctors and Medical Students – 2020 replaces the Health and Wellbeing of Medical Students and Practitioners – 2011. 

The health and welfare of doctors and medical students continues to be a priority for the AMA.

Doctors and medical students face a range of pressures and stressors over the course of their training and career and it is vital that we address those on an individual level and as a profession.

This position statement identifies what actions we can take at a personal level, in our workplace and in the external environment to support the profession to promote good mental and health wellbeing and the adoption of a healthy lifestyle throughout medical training and medical careers.

The AMA continues to work to support the health and wellbeing of medical students and doctors. The AMA’s subsidiary company, Doctors’ Health Services Pty Ltd (DrHS), funds a network of independent doctors’ health advisory services around the country that provide triage and referral services as well as education and other support. These are delivered with the support of the Medical Board of Australia and more information is available at www.drs4drs.com.au

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