The New Medical Workforce - Options for Change

AMA President, Dr Kerryn Phelps, will officially open The New Medical Workforce: Options For Change forum at the Melbourne Town Hall, tomorrow, Friday 15 November 2002, at 9.00am.

The forum will be attended by than more than 100 senior workplace policy and training professionals with special expertise in the medical and hospital sectors.

As the Australian health system is becoming characterised by shortages of doctors and other health professionals, desperately underfunded and underequipped public hospitals, and crises like medical indemnity, new entrants to the medical workforce are demanding a better balance between work and lifestyle choices.

Medicine is no longer the automatic first choice for our brightest students. Up to 12 years of study and training, the high-pressure work environment, long hours, and spiralling practice costs are taking the sheen off medical practice.

Feminisation of the medical workforce and changed attitudes to work are driving a move towards more part-time work to allow doctors to spend more time at family or leisure pursuits.

The outcomes of this forum will provide solid policy prescriptions to ensure Australia continues to have enough properly trained and stress-free doctors to serve our community into the future.

Dr Phelps will be happy to talk to the media at the conclusion of her introductory remarks at the Forum at approximately 9.15am.

Doorstop - Dr Kerryn Phelps:

Time: 9.15am

Date: Friday 15 November 2002

Venue: Yarra Room, Melbourne Town Hall

CONTACT: John Flannery (02) 6270 5477 / (0419) 494 761

Judith Tokley (02) 6270 5471 / (0408) 824 306

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