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Dental care an important part of holistic primary health care

AMA President, Dr Steve Hambleton, said today, that the Government’s Dental Health Reform package is a strong acknowledgement that dental care is an important part of holistic primary health care.

Dr Hambleton said the AMA welcomes this significant investment in the dental care of Australians, especially children and low and middle-income families.

“This is a huge improvement on the existing dental scheme,” Dr Hambleton said.

“There is less bureaucracy and red tape, and the program is better targeted at those with the greatest need.

“While it is not a universal system, it will go a long way towards improving the dental health of the Australian community.”

Dr Hambleton said that GPs see a lot of people with oral health problems who may avoid dental care because of the cost.

“This package will give many families the confidence that cost should not be an impediment to good dental care.”


29 August 2012


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